China is Having a Field Day Over Texas’ Power Outage


Being the very regime that deliberately set the COVID 19 virus on the entire planet only to watch it suffer, the Chinese Communist Party exults at any and every anguish of a foreign country, especially that of a western country where the opposite of communist ideology resides (largely).

Among recent articles published on state-controlled Chinese news sites that rejoice at the US State of Texas pummeled by the winter storm, here is some of the direct translation and analysis of one of the ludicrous and delusional CCP propaganda pieces:

“It’s widely known that millions in Texas remain without power and water as outage continues.” The article begins, before quickly pointing out the cause of such suffering: “Besides western countries’ ‘money first’ governing doctrine, America’s notoriously pathetic infrastructure is another contributing factor. “

Why the poor infrastructure? The piece continues: “The reasons behind America’s failing infrastructure is multi-faceted that involves US federal states system, tax policy, execution, labor cost, population density, among others. The real reason, however, compared to the Chinese infrastructure, is singular: China is a country where ‘we the people’ are in charge, so the country stops at nothing in building railways and highways NOT for profit making, but for improving citizen’s livelihood. America, on the other hand, is a nation run as an ‘enterprise’ that serves everything EXCEPT its people with no incentives at building infrastructure.” 

It comes as no surprise that the tone of the article falls squarely in line with CCP’s perennial default rhetoric against the West – instead of showing the slightest amount of sympathy at fellow humans’ suffering, the CCP pounces at every opportunity to boast: “In stark contrast to that of China, just take a look at the dire and irredeemable living situation of westerners” who are literally “living under deep water and in the middle of burning fire”. 

The piece concluded with “The reason America’s infrastructure is not even salvageable is capitalism. The public has little to no faith in their country, coupled with the absence of ‘we the people is the master of the nation’ mentality, Americans only get to exist as tenants”. 

Under the CCP dictatorial regime, everything is backwards. Good is evil and evil is virtue. Black is celebrated as white, and white is denigrated as black. Propaganda pieces like this works exceedingly well as the population has no access to alternative views or description of facts of any kind. People within the Firewall believe in everything they are told and congratulate themselves on their stroke of luck of not being born in the West. Older generations raise their offspring telling the same story lines, along with the daily propaganda spread by state outlets, thus the communist rhetoric lives on and on.


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