Brother rain interprets CCP’s front page news—January 28th 2020

Writer: GM34 Brother Rain

Keywords: CCP-made-humanitarian disaster; inept institutions; fake news created by CCP’s propaganda; Kleptocrats

1.Xi Jinping made important instructions to party organizations at all levels and the vast number of party members and cadres, requesting them to lead the masses for resolute implementation of decision-making and deployment of the CCP Central Committee and tightly rely on the masses to win the fighting in the epidemic prevention and control

The following sentences were extracted and translated from this article:

“Party organizations and party members and cadres at all levels must keep in mind the people’s interests above all. You should not forget your initial intention and must keep in mind your mission. You should unite to lead the broad masses of the people in resolute implementation of the decision-making of the CCP Central Committee, and fully carry out the requirements of “steadfast confidence”, “solidarity” and “scientific prevention and treatment” so that the party flag flies aloft at the front line of our fighting against this epidemic”


This is what General Secretary expected the party members at all levels to do in fighting against this CCP-made humanitarian disaster. However, in the reality, many party members were the first ones to flee the city, to evade their tasks and to shirk their responsibilities (their excuses is that now it is still the Chinese Lunar New Year); all they care about is their own safety and health! Take a look at Hubei’s governor Wang Xiaodong’s embarrassed performance on the press conference, when the journalist asked him the production volume of surgical masks and medical protection gowns in Hubei province, he first said 10.8 billion, then corrected this number to 10.8 million, finally, he said the real number is 1.08 million. Obviously, he has never bear “the interest of the people” in mind, nor is he prepared to implement any effective efforts to mitigate this CCP-made-humanitarian disaster. This is the typical image of CCP bureaucrats, they are not elected by the people, and their children and lovers all live abroad,  therefore they never care about the lives of the Chinese people.

2. Headline: National finance at all levels has invested 11.21 billion RMB in epidemic prevention and control


This plague is a typical CCP-made disaster due to its inept bureaucratic institutions that distort real information and ignores the demand of the people. The CCP’s approach to this type of disaster is “propaganda without any effective measures”, therefore, it is highly possible that the plague shall evolve into “Chinese-version Chernobyl” and perhaps end up as one of the most disastrous humanitarian crisis in our time. It is estimated that millions or even more people shall get infected, will this 11.2 Billion RMB special funds have any impact on mitigating this massive plague? Another question, we all know that under CCP’s rule, corruption is everywhere, and there is no transparency, who is going to supervise and make sure that this fund is being used for saving lives?

3. Entrusted by general secretary Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang is making an on-the-spot investigation in Wuhan to provide guidance on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection


See, this CCP-made-disaster has become a platform for gesture politics among CCP top-level officials. They are expressing their concerns and condolences in front of the media. They are competing for good impressions among the Chinese people. CCP’s propaganda have embellished their behaviors and those deeply brainwashed naive Chinese people even choose to believe that the “situation is under control”, however, the harsh reality is, the worst is yet to come, the Chinese national shall probably encounter the most dreadful humanitarian disaster in our time due to CCP’s inept institutions and unscrupulous Kleptocrats.

4. Putting people’s lives and health first.

The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on January 25, specializing in the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic of the new type of coronavirus infection. General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech demanding that party committees and governments at all levels must “put the safety and health of the lives of the people first”, stressing that leading cadres at all levels, especially leading cadres, “should stick to their posts and keep their command”. On January 27, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions, stressed that “party organizations at all levels and the vast number of party members and cadres must bear in mind that the interests of the people above all” and that they should “tightly rely on the masses of the people and resolutely fight to win our battle in epidemic prevention and control”. The important instructions and clear requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping fully reflect the high degree of responsibility and responsibility of our party to the health of the people, and give strong confidence and power to resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control fighting.

The demand of the people is the goal of our efforts, and the voice of the people is the point of our work. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, General Secretary Xi Jinping has always attached great importance to it, he held many meetings, listened to the report, made important instructions and asked the party committees and governments at all levels and relevant departments to put the people’s lives and health in the first place and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. Under the strong leadership of the CCP Central Committee, the national emergency actions have been taken, prevention and control measures such as mobilization of party organizations at all levels,  full treatment of patients and information updates have been carried out. The facts show that with the strong leadership of the CCC Central Committee, the whole country has been united with the greatest confidence to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control in a concerted effort.

Putting the safety of people’s lives and good health first means that we must always adhere to the people-centered work orientation. The National Health Committee had formed a total number of 6 medial rescue teams with 1230 personnel to support Wuhan, medial teams from the people’s Liberation Army assembled and arrived quickly to support Hubei; Wuhan Municipality had commandeered 24 hospitals with ten thousand beds to treat fever patients; many medial personnel were charing at the front line, leaving their beautiful “retrogression figures” to the world……Ever since the outbreak of the epidemic, governments at all levels have taken concrete measures in the prevention of the epidemic, the treatment of the patients, scientific breakthroughs and guarantee of the supplies. However, up until now, the spread of this epidemic has not been contained yet, it is showing a trend of further mutation and spread. Therefore, Party committees and governments at all levels must uphold the principals of the  “supremacy of the people” and “the primacy of life” and translate the sense of purpose into actions to effectively enhance the people’s sense of security in the face of the epidemic.

We are connected with our people heart by heart, we breathe with the people and share our destinies with our people. This is not the original mission of our party but also the commitment of our party. Under the strong leadership of the party’s Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, We will not forget our original missions! we are not afraid of the wind and waves! we shall face the challenge! we will be able to gather the indestructible majestic strength, win our wars in the epidemic prevention and control and resolutely protect the lives and health of the people!


See, this is CCP’s approach to this CCP-made disaster—fabricating fake news using state propaganda. A beautiful but fake image has been created for Chinese people: The CCP top-level leaders have shown great concern to this crisis and they are working very hard to resolve it and many concert measures have been taken to mitigate this disaster, and everything is under the control, therefore, people living in the infected area should be optimistic! However, the harsh reality is that the virus is still mutating and spreading very fast, scientist only now that the death rate could be very high;  for sure, the worse has yet to come.

5. Concrete Actions have been taken to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic

The following sentences were extracted and translated from this article:

“Up until 24:00 pm on January 26th 2020, the National Health Commission has received a total number of 2744 confirmed cases in 30 provinces (districts and cities); among which 461 cases were identified as “serious”, 80 death cases were reported while 51 cases have recovered after treatment. However, 5794 suspect cases were reported.


See, there is a delay in CCP’s report on the real infection number. Today is January 28th,  however, they only published the data on 26th, which is two days ago. Let us make a bold assumption based on CCP’s “outdated information”, if this data is real, when we add the confirmed cases to the suspect cases together, the number of infected people on January 26th is already 8538, this is already very serious.

6. Foreign Ministry spokesperson answers questions on Iran’s foreign minister’s appreciation for China’s response to the new pneumonia epidemic

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying answered reporters’ questions on Tuesday concerning Iran’s foreign minister Zarif’s appreciation of China’s response to the new coronavirus infected pneumonia.

A reporter asked: Recently, Iranian foreign minister Zarif tweeted in Chinese, praising China’s response to the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus. What is China’s comment on this?

Hua Chunying said that foreign minister Zarif’s statement fully embodies the traditional friendship and sincere partnership between China and Iran. State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi has conveyed an oral message to foreign minister Zarif in this regard and expressed thanks to the Iraqi side.

“At present, the Chinese government is taking resolute and powerful measures to carry out scientific and effective prevention and control of the epidemic, and maintaining close cooperation with the World Health Organization and other international partners. We are fully confident that we can control and eventually overcome the epidemic as soon as possible. ” Hua Chunying said.

CommentsThis piece of news is actually a little bit funny. There is a Chinese proverb: “One takes the behavior of one’s company”(近朱者赤近墨者黑). The initial intention of People’s Daily is to use Iran’s appreciation as an example to fatter CCP’s “good performances” in fighting against this CCP-made-humanitarian disaster. They believe that international appreciations shall reinforce CCP’s popularity among the brainwashed Chinese people. However, their efforts were proven to be counter-productive: the Chinese people waken up by the Revolution Expose now understand that CCP’s real actions matter far more than their fake propagandas, they choose not to believe CCP anymore meanwhile the entire world know that China and Iran are controlled by Kleptocrats in their countries and the two totalitarian regimes are supporting each other in many aspects, even in diplomacy. For sure, stricter sanctions will be placed on Kleptocrats in both countries and their brutal regimes shall definitely be replaced by regimes of the people, by the people and for the people.

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