Who Is Boasting, “Let’s Defeat the U.S. and Make It Submissive”

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Of all the problems the U.S. is facing now, one of the most pressing is the issue of US-China relations, a subject often explored in depth by Mr. Miles Guo in his GTV-broadcasts. On Feb. 26, after he presented a clip of an interview by Jin Canrong [*1], Mr. Guo commented,

“This clip from Jin’s interview is really a bombshell – it sends shock waves to the West, especially the part of ‘Let us (CCP) defeat the U.S., and make it totally submissive’. Also, Jin’s remarks on the China-US relations are worth paying attention to.”

“Don’t you ever take Jin Canrong lightly”, Mr. Guo explained – Jin is absolutely one of the two top CCP’s running dogs that do bite. Along with Hu Xijin of the Global Times, these two are considered as the highest-ranking mouthpieces by the CCP officially. By analyzing the behavior of these two, one may decipher exactly what the CCP’s policies and strategies are”.

China’s only way out is to defeat the U.S., and make it submissive

Who exactly is this Jin Canrong? On the surface, Jin is a professor and the vice president of the School of International Relations of Renmin University of China, a prestigious institute located in Beijing. Being featured on many high-profiled interviews on the CCP’s state media and institutions, he has a huge following on various Chinese social media outlets, such as Weibo, etc. The unsuspecting and brainwashed Chinese netizens regard him so highly that they even have come up with a nickname for him, “Zheng-Wei”, aka, “political commissar”, a title was made well-known by the former Soviet Union’s Red Army, later on inherited by the CCP’s PLA. In essence it is a supervisory officer responsible for the Party’s political education (ideology) and organization of the unit they are assigned to, and intended to ensure civilian control of the military on behalf of the Communist Party.

And guess what? Jin, a professor in international relations, has proudly taken on the “honor” and has adopted this “Political Commissar” as his Weibo handle.

As Xi has tightened his grip on power in Beijing, both parties in Washington have increasingly come to see the CCP as a destabilizing and aggressive threat, hence the pressure exerted towards Beijing gets heated up. Jin now can be seen hopping from one public speech platform to another, leveraging his prestigious title in China-US relations studies, swaying the Chinese public sentiments towards a more “Wolf Warrior” mentality, while internationally justifying the CCP’s increasingly provocative moves towards Taiwan.

In a South Korean KBS interview, Jin pointed out that “the Wolf Warrior style diplomacy [*2] is to safeguard national interests”. “Now that China is being suppressed by the U.S., we have to fight back immediately. This is very normal. In a sense, China’s diplomacy should not be called “Wolf Warrior”, rather, a return to *normalization”.

Movie “Wolf Warrior” Poster: If you violate China, you surely will be punished even if you are far away.

The CCP does not respect Taiwan’s military power at all – in this 2019 clip of Jin, “In the eyes of the PLA, the 200K troopers of Taiwan is nothing but a big blob of meat, quite meaningless. Our PLA’s power has been underestimated by the U.S.” He did not shun away from calling out that the true adversary of Beijing is the U.S., the meaningful power behind Taiwan. In the case that the PLA launches moves to take over Taiwan, if the U.S. does step up and defend Taiwan, the PLA will not hesitate to wipe out (dis-functionalize) the U.S. military deployment in the whole region; and this can be achieved within a few hours of time only, as “the PLA possesses the full capacity to counter the U.S. militarily right at this moment”, said Jin.

In a more recent interview (10/05/2020), Jin echoed the same rhetoric of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, “Taiwan has always been a part of China, there shouldn’t have even been a mid-line [in the Taiwan strait].” Evidently, yet another not-so-subtle effort in helping the CCP highjack the moral high ground, if it so chooses to proceed with “Wu-Tong”, i.e., taking over Taiwan by military force in the name of “reunifying”. And of course, if that happens, all the Taiwanese’s disastrous suffering will have to be blamed on Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen and the U.S. only, the “culprits” who have “provoked” Beijing.

PLA’s military aircrafts observed crossing-over mid-line of Taiwan Strait

The CCP always claims that “Taiwan has always been an inalienable part of China”. Well, isn’t it self-contradictory that in the eyes of the CCP, the 23.6 million lives of the Taiwanese people, purportedly the very people it should serve and cherish, means nothing compared to its blatant political agenda of conquering the island at all costs? Just as the old saying goes, “Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do”, a proverb that is particularly useful when it comes to deciphering the Communist Party.

Of course, in order to achieve its goal of take-down-the-U.S., the Taiwan maneuverer is only a fraction of the CCP’s grand scheme craftily deployed for the past few decades globally, such as the B/G/Y Plan, the 3F Plan. There are many other plans being deployed – through the mouth of Jin, the CCPs has sent another strong warning to the U.S. and the West:

“From the standpoint of the manufacturing industry, soon [by 2030] there will be only TWO countries in the world, one is called China, the other, FOREIGN”. [*3]

This claim seems laughable, as it is either a lie, or clearly Professor Jin does not have a good understanding of the world technology’s dominance. Still, the brazenness and lunacy behind it is astonishing. Just imagine – people from the rest of the world would one day wake up and find themselves living in a country called “Foreign” that has to kowtow to Communist China, aka, the CCP.

I hope by now the U.S. and the world have finally come to realize the insidious nature of the CCP and what it’s been up to. Time to wake up and take action! It is now or never.


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Reviewer: Helen

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