[Viewpoint] The Growing Arrogance of Evil forces stems from our selfishness, ignorance and cowardice

Translator: Feng Zhi Shang

Proof-read: Janvyo

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Many people take the word “selfish” as a derogatory term, but all of us experienced it from the beginning of our lives (e.g., as infants, this is crucial to their survival).  Selfishness is a normal life phenomenon.  Many people have even been propagating that “If men are not driven by self-interest, heaven and earth will destroy thee” to justify their selfish behavior.

People are innately born with a sense of self.  As our mindset and physical body gradually develop, we begin to sense our differences from others.  As we encounter more of these differences in our subsequent growth, study, work and way of life, we should think and reflect on our similarity and differences, the real connection between individuals and others, and even the relationship between the people, nature and the universe.  And this is where the mystery of nature lies, and it is also the original intention of the Creator (or God and Buddha): to experience each other through yin and yang;  through individual experience as one; through the micro-to-view-macro;  and through the rebirth of the soul over and over again to attain full awareness and complete the journey.  For more elaboration on this point, readers can refer to part of the Gnews article “How to Understand the G Series from the Perspective of Faith“.


Ignorance mostly refers to not knowing the truth, the fact of the matter, or simply being deceived.  Ignorance itself is not scary.  What is scary is knowing that yourselves are ignorant but you still refuse to self-reflect and change, or you lack or have already lost the ability to think independently.  Just like the internal and external propaganda “machines” used by the Chinese Communisty Party (CCP), as well as the big tech and media controlled by the dark forces, they brainwash people with a series of misinformation and repeated nonsense.  In the process of doing so, some of them even successfully brainwashed themselves and now live by these false narratives as the truths.


Cowardice is the opposite of courage, but its essence is the difference in the degree of selfishness and the degree of awareness of life and death issues.  When we truly believe in the existence of human souls, when we truly believe in the greatness of the Creator, when we truly believe in the gods and Buddhas, naturally, we no longer fear death, and only become grateful for all kinds of situations in which life has presented itself.  The word “truly” is used here because many people are dubious about the belief in Buddhas and Gods, or have misconception or incomplete understanding.  For example, I heard a true story told by a friend who is a doctor:

A believer in God, a few days before his passing, spoke his true mind to his doctor, “I am so pious to God, so faithful to Jesus, have done so much for the church, and dedicated so much to others in life… Why do I get this disease? Why do I have to die from such torture?”

In the book “Journey of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton, one of his friends recalled his last past-life in a deep hypnosis:  during WWII, in order to experience what bravery is in life, he courageously fought and died in the Battle of Normandy.  Another friend recalled that as a Jew in WWII, he could have escaped but somehow ended up being captured by the Nazis, and sent to the gas chamber in the concentration camp.  The purpose of his soul is to be reincarnated on earth as soon as possible to participate in a future global movement that will facilitate the evolution of the soul.

How to fight against the dark forces?

The dark forces are powerful precisely because of their own infinite selfish desire, and at the same time effectively using people’s self-awareness, selfishness, and typical mindset, and great fear of death to achieve their evil goals.  The common methods used by the dark forces are: lies and deception, threats and intimidation, violent  and physical elimination.  Every method they adopt is to draw on the selfishness of others and the fear of death to make themselves increasingly overpowering.  The oppressed and exploited people are easily controlled and manipulated by dark forces due to their misconceptions, selfishness, and fear of death.  And the “Five Arts of Harnessing the People” under the CCP regime, namely: fooling the people; impoverishing the people; fatiguing the people; humiliating the people; and dispersing the people, has put that exact principle in extreme practice.

In this physical world, we will all die one day, but when we realize that death is as much a celebration of the soul itself as birth, naturally there will be no more inner fears, and at our free will, we will take the initiative to choose the path that is conducive to the evolution of our own souls, to achieve the real harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

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