Jin Canrong: Defeating the US is CCP’s Main Objective

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Jin Canrong is a Chinese professor of politics and economics. In a video entitled “Taking down the US” he expresses his interpretation of the US-China relationship. Jin is a high-level media spokesperson for the CCP.  From his words, one can infer the direction of CCP policy. Below are his words from this video, followed by the author’s commentaries. As always, one must turn these propaganda statements on their head to gain any true insights into CCP thinking.

“I think the fundamental contradiction in Sino-US relations is that the US cannot except the rise of China and does not recognize the right of the 1.4 billion people to grow and develop. Once this nation recognizes you as an opponent it is useless to pray for a compromise. Frankly speaking, surrender is not the way out.  You have to stand up and fight him so he (the US) is convinced.”

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–> This is classic misdirection. Here Jin makes it appear that he and the CCP speak for, and care about the Chinese people. Of course, this could not be farther from the truth. For 70 years since its founding in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has not “cared” one jot for its people. Where’s the proof? One might be confused if one attempted to find the truth in an official Chinese history textbook. Is there any mention of the “Campaign to Suppress Counter-Revolutionaries” land reforms of 1948? Approximately 1M killed. Any mention of the “Great Leap Forward and the Great Chinese Famine” of 1959? Approximately 77M deaths. Any mention of the “Cultural Revolution” of 1966-72? Approximately 20-100M deaths. Any mention of the cultural genocide of Tibet in 1959, where “Tibetans were not only shot, but they were also beaten to death, crucified, burned alive, drowned, mutilated, starved, strangled, hanged, boiled alive, buried alive, drawn and quartered, and beheaded”? Approximately 1.2M deaths. Any mention of the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989? Approximately 1200 deaths. Any mention of the people disappeared during the Hong Kong freedom protests in 2020? The number of dead unknown. And now, of course, there is the Xinjiang Genocide of Uyghurs, believed to have killed 1M so far. So, who represents the Chinese people? And who really needs to be fought?

“From China’s perspective, we certainly have some expectations for the Biden administration in the US. What do we expect? We expect stability in China-US relations. The US-China relationship is very important to China. And in fact, it is also important to the US. However, from my observation, the US is still a bit arrogant. The US still attaches far less importance to China than vice versa. It is not reciprocal. On the Chinese side, you can say that about successive leaders, right? All government departments attach great importance to the US-China relationship.”

Fig 2. Source: Chinasourcingnews.com

–> Before the accession of China to the World Trade Organization in 2001, China was required to make several changes to their economy: sell off or merge many state-owned enterprises to reduce the dependence and control of the economy on the CCP; reform the State Council to reduce the mandate of the State Planning Commission, again to reduce the control of the state (CCP) over the economy; crackdown on corruption, among others. Since then, and particularly since the Presidency of Xi, state control of the economy has increased beyond any level previously seen. As usual, the CCP is happy to negotiate, make promises, and then revert to their long-term plan – destroying the economies of the West – rather than acting as a responsible member of the International community of nations. “Stability in US-China relations” is just a code phrase for their desire for the West to fall back into the old pattern of naivete and “going along to get along” which has never worked with the CCP. If there is any arrogance it is on the part of the CCP which negotiates, smiles and shakes your hand promising to live by the terms of an agreement, without any intention of doing so. It is always a stalling tactic to gain more time to execute the real plan – unrestricted warfare to take down their competitors’ economy and strengths. The CCP does not recognize the concept of win-win, it is always a zero-sum, winner takes all philosophy for them. And they play the long game.

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“But it is a great pity that such an important relationship has declined in the past few years. It can be said that since March 22, 2018, when the United States unilaterally launched a trade war with China, US-China relations have trended downwards. 2020 seems to be a pretty steep decline. So, it is dangerous to decline further. With the Biden administration, the China-US relations may plateau, without further decline. I think on the Chinese side our expectations have to be realistic. We cannot expect during the Biden era the China-US relations to trend upwards. This is unrealistic. But we strive to stop this relationship from slipping further. As long as it plateaus for a while this would be fine. It would be favorable for China, and also more realistic. Will a Biden administration return the China-US relations as previously or improve them? It is impossible. It would be an over expectation. It should be said, the Biden administration’s China policy is certainly affected by Trump, who has exerted a lot of pressure on China. This pressure could be a situation where Biden no longer uses new cards. For example, on the issue of trade, it no longer imposes new tariffs. I think this is quite likely. But for him to remove the tariffs that Trump has already raised, he won’t do it. He will use them as a bargaining chip with us. I think this is more likely because on security issues I think Biden is unlikely to be more extreme than Trump was. But it is also unlikely to be a drastic reversal. Trump created a fait accompli to deal with China, and this is the China-US relations.”

Fig 4. Source: Warroom Pandemic

–> One has to wonder whether this comment is hiding an actual awareness that relations will improve. The Hunter Biden laptop indicates that the relationship between the Biden family and the CCP was very close and lucrative. Nobody takes favors from the CCP without a “quid-pro-quo”.  Nobody. We have already seen moves by the Biden Administration to ease some restrictions related to the CCP and their overseas operations – concerning the Trump era requirement for Universities to disclose their financial ties to Confucius Institutes; concerning all the officials who are being appointed who have clear compromised connections with the CCP; Gina Raimondo, nominee for Commerce Secretary would not even commit to keeping Huawei on the national security blacklist. Judging by the nominees to high office in the Biden Administration we can expect a more CCP-friendly policy. Luckily American public opinion is firmly on the side of tougher policy towards the CCP (69% see the CCP as a threat), so the Biden administration will be hard-pressed to act contrary to this, but they will try nonetheless. The debt must be repaid.

“In fact, this starting point is relatively low. The present state is not very good. The two key issues on security and economy it should be said are worse. Generally, I think this is the case.  In the two most important issues of China and US relations security and trade issues, he will be more moderate than Trump. The Taiwan St., East China Sea the South China Sea I think he will not be so overboard. On the China-US relations, I will always put security issues first because if there is any issue on security such as a direct military conflict between two countries then there would be nothing left. Security first then economic and trade second. Economy and trade involve our daily lives. Economy and trade involve employment, production, exports, right. That is very factual. As for other issues such as international issues, human rights issues, I rank them lower. Those issues are also very important. They formulate an opinion about you. But in terms of the importance and the acuteness of issues – security first, economy and trade second, human rights third, international issues fourth.”

Fig 5. Source: Amnesty International.org

–> Let’s be very clear. Human rights issues simply do not appear on the CCP’s list of key issues. It is a non-issue for them. The CCP has shown clearly through their history that they do not care about their people, other than as working slaves. Even their revisionist history cannot conceal this fact. The economic miracle of creating special trade zones and adopting partial (CCP-controlled) capitalism was always about (1) destroying America and (2) a means for the top CCP families to skim profits off the top of the Chinese economy. We can see that in China today. Successful private businesses and entrepreneurs are being harassed and are having their businesses confiscated by the state. Success is not rewarded in China. It is punished, and the profits are always repatriated into the CCP coffers.

The CCP insists that no country should be allowed to “interfere in the domestic affairs” of China. The trouble is the CCP’s definition of “its internal affairs” is rather broad. Case in point – the South China and East China Seas. China is a signatory (1982) to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) of 1973. UNCLOS defines how far a country’s territorial borders extend into the ocean. The CCP has abandoned this treaty when it comes to the South China Sea, instead basing their claim to the entire area on questionable historical maps. So, when it comes to arrogance and cooperation with International norms, the CCP always behaves more like Russia when its annexed Crimea.

“My general feeling among the most sensitive security issues is Taiwan. I expect the Biden administration to handle it better than the Trump administration. His future secretary of state Blinken will probably be more reliable than Pompeo. Pompeo is extremely selfish extremely arrogant and towering over the others. I think Blinken will not do such a thing. So, my feeling on the security issue especially the Taiwan issue he will be a little more in proportion and having a sense of proportion will help to control the situation. But on the economy and trade issues, he will not impose new trade war measures but will also stabilize a little. He will bring new problems. For example, he will talk more about human rights issues and additionally on international obligations. He wants China to do this and that more. But on those two issues, I think his sensitivity and acuteness are more appropriate. So, my bold projection should be that overall the US-China relationship in the Biden era will be better than the last three years of the Trump era especially better than the one in 2020. But to what extent it will improve we do not know.”

Fig 6. Source: Getty Images

–> “Reliable” is a CCP code word for pliable, easy to fool, appeasing, naive, and ineffectual. Of course, the CCP would call former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo selfish and arrogant. A selfish and arrogant person from a selfish and arrogant organization like the CCP is naturally going to call everybody who opposes them selfish and arrogant. Again, misdirection. The CCP was very concerned about Pompeo because he was strong and saw through the CCP’s decades of chicanery.  Mike Pompeo is the one who said in October 2020: “Look, this risk from the Chinese Communist Party is real. For 40 years – and this isn’t political, remotely – Republican presidents, Republican congresses, Democrat, it didn’t make a difference – we went on bended knee. We allowed the Chinese Communist Party to walk all over us.” And he was right. When Jin Canrong says Anthony Blinken will “handle the security issue around Taiwan better” he is betraying the CCP’s expectation that the Biden Administration must stand aside as the CCP marches into Taiwan unimpeded, just like Russia did with Crimea in March 2014.

“Let us see if US-China relations can quickly resume dialogue because it is a very important part of the US-China relationship. We must objectively admit the US-China relations face many problems. These problems are not subjective. They are objective and difficult to solve. So how to face this problem? Dialogue is necessary and both sides must work together to find ways to control these problems. If there are unresolved problems, leaving them on their own is very dangerous. So, a dialogue is extremely important for the US-China relationship. One of the major problems during the late Trump administration was his refusal to talk to China. So, this is something that I think the Biden administration will improve on. And the administration will certainly be willing to resume part of the dialogue with us. We hope that this dialogue can achieve a positive result on some specific issues such as defense cooperation, on climate issues. We can start with specific issues. Solidify the dialogue through one or more breakthroughs and then include other areas so that the whole relationship can be stabilized.”

36 Chinese Strategies for Negotiations

Fig 7. Source: pcmaconvene.org

–> Dialogue. Yes, the CCP has certainly tapped into the West’s penchant for “dialogue. Western diplomats and career politicians are all about “dialogue”. Their life is “dialogue”. It is what they get up preparing for, it is what they spend their days doing, and it is what they go to bed thinking about. “Dialogue” is a CCP code word for delay, stalling, postponing, dragging out, to give them the time to implement their plans which are typically in direct contravention of what is being negotiated with their international “partners”. Western diplomats still make the error of believing that CCP representatives are negotiating in good faith. This has never been true for the CCP. But western diplomats keep hoping for the best, much like an amorous male Praying Mantis.

“I think for China if we can stabilize the US-China relationship during the next four years of the Biden administration stopping downward spiral that would be a good achievement for our China diplomacy the importance of the China-US relationship means it affects the whole situation. A stable China-US relationship would be good for other aspects. When China-US relations deteriorate other aspects are affected too. We don’t expect a good recovery and development of US-China relations now we just expect it not to deteriorate further. I think if we put in the effort we can still do it.”

Fig 8. Source: indy100.com

–> Now that the US Administration is essentially controlled by CCP-friendly individuals (see figure 4 above), “Stabilizing US-China relations” to the CCP should be interpreted as meaning tilting US foreign policy once again to benefit the CCP. “We don’t expect a good recovery in relations” should be interpreted as “we expect a distinct improvement in relations”.  We expect that our operatives inside the US administration will gradually clear away the impediments created by the Trump administration – in terms of trade, in terms of access to US capital for CCP-Military-linked companies, in terms of standing aside as the CCP expands its military operations in the South and East China Seas, and South-East Asian nations.

“Of course, in the US-China relationship, I reckon no matter how hard we try there are a few things that cannot be changed. The basic nature of the relationship cannot be changed. That the China-US relationship is now about competition. This fact cannot be changed. I project that one issue will probably not change during the Biden years. And what is that? It is technology, high-end technology. China wants to upgrade our industry but the US does not accept it yet. I remember that at the end of December there was a secretary of the treasury named Paulson who was friendly to China. I heard him say that if China gives up the development of high technology we would consider lifting the tariffs. This statement is very disproportionate. He was sincere. You will obey the organization. The US as the leader makes the rules. You will make me socks, shoes, Christmas gifts, plastic gift boxes, and bags. You do not engage in 5G and do not engage in tunnel boring machine. But this is against the interest of the Chinese people. 1.4 billion Chinese people want to live a good life. How can you make socks every day? They are not profitable. I certainly have to do 5G. I certainly have to produce high-end products to have a high profit.”

Fig 9.

–> Frankly, these comments by Jin are puerile. The United States has never had an issue with trade partners succeeding on a level playing field of commercial competition if they play by the International rules set out by such organizations as the WTO, and if they recognize copyright laws and do not engage in theft of technology and research as the CCP has done for decades. After 20 years since the accession of CCP China to the WTO, the US has “accepted” trillions of dollars of trade deficits with China in the belief that trade would lead to a gradual democratization of China and greater adherence to international norms. It is disingenuous to say that China is still a developing nation when its GDP is now only slightly below that of the United States and when some of the greatest exporting industries in China are in the high-tech sector. It is disingenuous to say that China is being limited to manufacturing shoes and toys. It is a patent lie and Jin knows this. If the CCP is experiencing resistance to the implementation of its technologies such as telecom infrastructure from Huawei it is because the Military-Civil fusion of industry in China means these products are never just commercial products but have military capabilities and intent.

“So, this fundamental contradiction exists. I think the fundamental contradiction in US-China relations is that the United States cannot accept the rise of China. Does not recognize the rate of 1.4 billion people to develop. The right to a better life. I think this is the root of the problem. In the future, I estimate that after the security and trade issues are resolved there is one thing he will not relax. In the area of high-end technology, the US will continue to suppress us to avoid you catching up with them. I think this competition will still be very brutal. It’s unrealistic that you pray to them to loosen (the pressure) your neck. What should you do? You have to work on your own through your efforts, without looking for help to solve the problem of the pressure on the neck. This will allow us to take our national power to the next level. I have been studying the United States for years and I think the Anglo-Saxon people are essentially nomadic people of maritime nature. They are harsh. Their logic is a bit cruel.

Fig 10. Source: sociable.co

–> The fundamental hypocrisy of this statement is that the US has tolerated the stealing of US technology for at least 20 years. Jin is projecting the behavior of the CCP towards its people and the West on America. The CCP cleverly seeded the US with several domestic viruses and problems over the last decades: the CCP-virus; the open borders immigration virus; the racism and critical race theory; the Fentanyl drug epidemic; the Socialist/Marxist teaching virus; cancel culture; the election fraud strategy; the epidemic of blackmail with money and women; and stealing US technology for money.

The words of any mouthpiece of the CCP must always be analyzed for misdirection and deflection. Invariably the meaning is the antithesis of what was said. Why do they still bother playing the game if the truth is so evident? Well, it works, doesn’t it? Most of the west is still going along blithely believing that the CCP is a benign force in the world, believing that China is still a struggling developing nation that is only looking to raise its population out of abject poverty. Believing that the next negotiation will surely result in a win-win conclusion. Communism was supposed to mean a revolution for the people, right? The oppression of its population and the perennial stealing of technology from the West; the fact that the CCP families have skimmed trillions of dollars off the economy for their benefit; the development of biological weapons and spreading them to the World, these facts are all still overlooked by too many. So why would Jin and the CCP bother revealing their true agenda and bare their teeth if the artifice still works?


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