The Farm: A few tricks Wang Qishan doesn’t want you to know

Author: Halliburton. Cover Pic: VOG-poster-design-team

This is a helpful resource to track the officially confirmed metrics on 2019-nCoV — though we believe the true number of infected is at the moment is a multiple 50x-100x these figures (roughly 100,000 or more) with the lethality of approximately 5% as of today.


Below you will find a brief summary of evacuation attempts and statuses for a select list of countries — as well as speculation on some others. Countries like Japan are announcing the optional evacuation of all 710 Japanese citizens from Wuhan as the outbreak worsens and the lethality of the disease becomes readily apparent. Citizens from France are also being evacuated as of January 26th. Indonesia has declared it impossible to conduct any type of evacuation — though Russia (through Sina News) is working on actively evacuating their citizens. Miles Guo has told us that even Iran and CCP aligned dictatorships are going to be conducting evacuations from Wuhan — meaning a total loss of faith in the Communist Party leadership in their ability to contain the spread of the virus.

As the stock market ticks a bit lower today (January 26th) — ZeroHedge is alleging that Foxconn, Johnson and Johnson, and Samsung are all closing their factories for an additional week or two following the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. This will cause the market to pull back temporarily, but this is all happening in an effort to delegitimize the idea that the CCP is a reliable and trustworthy actor on the world stage. The government in Hubei province will soon take responsibility for the outbreak, as Luther has previously explained. This is because the virus is actually an attack on Xi Jinping by Wang Qishan. Many PRC officials know the true extent of infighting between high-ranking Chinese politicians and warlords over the centuries, and Miles Guo has explained some of these before.

According to the “Expose Revolution”, Wang Qishan (the Evil Lord of “Shuang Xiu”) was seen in Wuhan province with a team of special soldiers in December, approximately around the same time he received a kidney transplant. These events occurred prior to the first reports of the virus being found in the region. The truth is that Wang Qishan most likely released this man-made virus in Wuhan in an attempt to hurt President Xi and his credibility. The CCP believes the solution to any problem is to “pour concrete” — by building hospitals for a virus that they created and released. Miles Guo predicts that during the next 10 months or so (starting in April), we will see a large withdrawal in global investment and integration from the CCP — which will be perfectly timed considering the optics of this virus in weakening Xi Jinping and his faction.

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Jan. 28, 2020