[February 25, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[February 25, 2021] Video translation

Hello, dear brothers and sisters, I am drinking coffee here, drinking coffee while talking on the phone. Oh my God, I really didn’t sleep well last night, didn’t sleep well. Actually I didn’t sleep well in the past few days. See how old I look and how rapid I am aging. Look at my neck, which looks as old as my dad’s, well, perhaps my dad’s neck looks younger than mine. Indeed, this is caused by my brothers-in-arms (BIAs); you have “tortured” me, your Brother Seven a lot. You probably didn’t think the CCP and the “nine-finger” demon’s torture are enough, so you, the fellow fighters have also “tortured” me.

Yesterday, a few brothers and sisters from Taiwan called me, which really moved me. Wow, I didn’t expect that there exists such a great power of our WM in Taiwan. It made me feel really, really happy to see people with conscience and brains. But some of their viewpoints I can’t quite agree with. For example, about President Tsai, President Little Tsai, their views are mistaken. Tsai is not that bad, but she is definitely a timid and short-sighted in diplomacy. She can only lead a village at most, but the status quo in Taiwan is like this – there are only players of politics but no real masters. Soon people in Taiwan will know how much Taiwan will need to pay for having these players. This is why Chinese should never allow players of politics to control a country.

I heard that President Trump has recently started reading and studying in Maralago, and also seriously reflecting on what has happened. You cannot be naive in politics. Politics is the most rogue game in the world, but it must still abide by the rules, which serve the vast majority of people, otherwise it will be overthrown for sure. And if you always play with tricks and employ political “skills and techniques”, you can stay at a lower level politically, but you can’t always rely on political skills. Political “prostitutes” are not good. I don’t mean political “achievements” (note: “prostitute” in Chinese is its homophone), I mean prostitutes. You can’t be a political prostitute. Political “prostitution” won’t work.

So last night, a buddy in mainland China told me something really brilliant. He said that it’s not like that the few lunatics in the Zhongnan Pit must attack Taiwan to keep them on the throne forever; the truth is that it would be too embarrassing if you don’t attack Taiwan because Taiwan is so weak. He said that Taiwanese actually have many good cards to play when dealing with those old bastards [in the Zhongnan Pit]. This person definitely has very high wisdom. He was once a figure who could influence the destiny of China. He said that he had been to Taiwan several times and thought that Taiwan was a great place. He said that Taiwan’s politicians were really too low. He said that Taiwan has cards in their hands to allow them to cooperate with the world, or even collude with the “swamp”. They can make Taiwan a safer place, and there is no need to live like this, sitting on their knees, and allow others [the CCP] to slap their face every day. And now they [the CCP] are even going to kill you, right?

No one in Taiwan feels this way because they are a bunch of opportunists. To be honest, the best option for Taiwan is “no war, no return”. You can’t let everyone live in such a fear, so you need to have big masters [in politics]. In the past, only Chiang Ching-kuo and Lee Teng-hui were big masters, followed by Chen Shui-bian who had some ambitions, while none of the current people [politicians in Taiwan] has the same guts.

Many brothers-in-arms in Taiwan have sent me messages, which I can’t reply one by one. Look at those media people in Taiwan, a bunch of garbage. Kang something and Hsien something are garbage. Have you ever seen one Taiwanese media person who has been well-known in the world? No one, not a single one! Taiwanese authors’ little books, little poems, little history, mumbling-like and self-entertaining stuff are only known within the island, which is fine [within Taiwan], but you can’t even make your works known in the rest of Asia, no mention to become world-class works. There are no Taiwanese known in the world in these fields. There are no real masters in religious fields, philosophy, or literature. There is not a single core international politician or international diplomat in the world, not a living one, right?

Then what has Taiwan produced? They have a lot of tech giants, entrepreneurs. Why? Have you thought about it? The genes of the Chinese people, the genes of the Taiwanese have the true organizational ability and doers, but not political wisdom, not mention international visions. This is why very soon you will see that when Taiwan encounters serious problems this year (because this year is “Taiwan year”), few people in the world will help them. Very few.

I really worry about Taiwan, but what can we do, right? We don’t have the manpower and we are not that smart, and we can’t do anything other than talking, right? How can we help them? We will put up two slogans in Taiwan at that time: “Have you been cheated by the “North American coach” (referred to Miles)? Have you been cheated by Miles Guo?” Let’s do this. Taiwan, some good things will happen to them, and bad things will happen too, right?

This clothes was given by my daughter. It is very hot. I practiced a few poses in the balcony today. Some coaches and brothers-in-arms told me not to do too vigorous exercises, so today I changed a few positions. It was cold outside, so I put on this clothes. Very nice, our G-Fashion should use this material to make more things. Okay, brothers and sisters, we have chatted for a while, right? I chat with you a little while because I found that many brother-in-arms sent me messages: “Brother Seven, we are waiting to see your Getter.” Getter is connecting you, me, and the fellow fighters. We don’t say “connecting you, me, and him” because that is the CCP’s slogan. We say “connecting you, me, and the fellow fighters”.

Many people said they had a great time when watching me chatting with fellow fighters during my live broadcast yesterday. Our fellow fighters said, “Brother Seven, I really laughed.” Even our 101-year-old little sister said, “Brother Seven, you made me laugh to death.” I have a 101-year-old little sister, how interesting our Whistleblower Movement is! Being in the Whistleblower Movement is such a joyful, interesting, and happy experience. I don’t think there is anything more fun in this world than taking down the CCP and participating in the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. I am particularly happy.

I saw a bunch of fools around me who participate in meetings with me, such as lawyers who make hourly fees and wages, those in the government who make only a thousand dollars a month, and those dumb people who sell a little bit this and a little bit that for a living; they are doing these things to just survive, living a totally meaningless life.

Think about what each and everyone of us is doing, and it’s so happy. I love my work too much, I love this feeling too much – being challenged, denied, framed, and then taking down the bad guys. This kind of life is more romantic, challenging, exciting, and sexy than any movie, any Hollywood blockbuster.

Thank you. You see, my hair is getting thin, and I am getting old too. I’m old, your Brother Seven is really old. So who do you think would still want to have sex with your Brother Seven? It’s impossible. So, let me, a 50-year-old man, grab the final moments of life to take down the CCP. Do you know why I am so happy? I won’t tell you. I will wait until you know it and feel it, but we will not break any bombshell news today.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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