Lude Times Brief 2021.02.25 Evening:Dutch Parliament Determinated CCP’s Committing Genocide Against Uighurs

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Dutch Parliament Determinated CCP’s Committing Genocide Against Uighurs

The Dutch Parliament has determinated CCP’s committing genocide against Uighurs. It’s the first country in Europe to make the relevant statement. It’s very significant, although it is a motion. As the concept of genocide will be recognized first and then come up with a specific action plan. It’s a strategy to label the CCP first, and then the free Western world will follow. The Netherlands is a parliamentary system with a total of 150 seats, and the ruling party only holds 33 seats. Although the Prime Minister of the Netherlands voted against it, the final approval of the parliament represents the public opinion. The parliamentary approval represents everything, and the government can only move forward.

The CCP Embassy in the Netherlands seriously condemns the move. It’s the same with Canada’s Embassy. It’s almost the same draft. They reference to international law for the second time. The CCP did not abide any of the international law rulings in the South China Sea. Now it’s shameless for them to mention their respect for international law. The CCP retorted that a minority of Dutch parliamentarians voted to pass the motion for their own interest, which reveals the nature of the CCP. Except for obedience, CCP officials are all for the benefit.

Western democracies have a very high self-healing capacity, and the ruling party is pro-CCP. In 2019, it also published a report on China strategy, calling on the Netherlands to unite other countries to stop the CCP’s power policies, mainly on issues such as economic expansion. Now that they mention the genocide. The ruling party now supports for the CCP and will inevitably step down. Because the Netherlands has developed a big political trend in terms of anti-CCP, the opposition will use this opportunity to gain their own political benefits.

It’s very clear that the pursuit of the source of the virus and what the CCP did in Xinjiang will determine the relations between the CCP and the West. Western countries have already begun to investigate and determine the CCP on these two issues. The CCP will drive itself into a corner on the international stage, There is no way to roll over from these two problems. All of the CCP’s counterattacks and performances are extremely clumsy, just like the performances of WHO. It’s impossible to cheat the Western governments and elites. Now both the left and the right are fighting the CCP. The virus will hurt both the left and the right. And CCP’s genocide and crimes against humanity are touching the pain points of the West.

Boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

The British Prime Minister said that the Winter Olympics in Beijing next year should not be delayed by the Xinjiang issue. It is useless for him to say so, because the vote of the British Parliament has not come out yet. The Prime Minister can only carry out the result of the Parliamentary vote, because the parliamentary system is elected by the people. the CCP cannot pay for everyone, and the will of the people plays a decisive role.

U.S. White House has not yet decided whether to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics. The U.S. Congress has not moved on the genocide yet. The White House is considering to stabilize Xi Jinping and U.S. political balance. Boycotting the Olympics is of great significance. It is very critical to determinate the regime of the CCP. The 20th Congress of the CCP will be hold in 2022, which is a landmark event.

The U.S. statement is the direction, then NATO, the Five Eyes Alliance and others will follow. Mr. Pompeo’s determination has caused a big wave. Moreover, the virus outbreaks first in China. Is it worth participating in it to protect the health of the people? The U.S.’s boycotting CCP will form a worldwide labeling of the CCP as Nazis, as genocide, as criminals, as crimes against humanity.

A large number of Republican legislators and important figures have now expressed their opinions and sent letters to Biden demanding that the U.S. not be allowed to participate in the Olympics in a country where genocide has been committed. This would not only undermine the common values of the U.S. and its allies, but also cast a shadow over the hearts of all those who seek freedom and justice.

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