Police Commissioner Shows Public how Well-liked He is; Ignores Curses Hurled at Him

On the third day of Lunar New Year (January 27), many citizens chose to pray for blessings at Che Kung Temple. The Commissioner of Police, Chris Tang Pin-keung was sighted at the Temple today to personally console frontline police officers and the Civil Security Team.

In addition, Commissioner Tang also took photos with the person in charge of the Temple and other civilians at the scene. While he was busy showing off how well-liked he was, some others at the scene hurled curses at him, and to theother police officers as well, to which they ignored.

Commissioner Tang also turned a deaf ear to medical doctor’s advice, showing complete neglect to social responsibility, as he was found not wearing a face mask in this very crowded temple.

Source: Flash Media Hong Kong

Contributor: GM02

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