Hu Xijin, CCP’s Lapdog, Raised Five Questions to Challenge the Western Media and Politicians Regarding Uyghur Genocide

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Feb 27, 2021:

• The Biden administration announced sanctions and visa bans on Friday targeting Saudi Arabian citizens over the 2018 killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but won’t penalize Crown Prince Mohammed bin, Salman.

o The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has deeply infiltrated Saudi Arabia.

o Like Saudi Arabia, not all U.S. allies are democratic countries. The United States only has hostile relations with countries that harm U.S. interests. So only by revealing the truth about the CCP virus can we finally exterminate the CCP and convicting the CCP of genocide can only allow the U.S. to impose sanctions on it.

• Hu Xijin, CCP’s lapdog, raised five questions to challenge the Western media and politicians regarding the Xinjiang issues.

o The CCP treats Chinese people like pigs. Now they argue like a butcher in the slaughterhouse declaring to the world that the pigs they raise are fine and will not be slaughtered at all. What the biggest liar in the world!

• On February 8, Communist China has responded to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic boycotts with serious sanctions towards any countries that pull out.

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