Hydroxychloroquine Approved as a Preventative Treatment for the CCP Virus

Author: Lois

Communities Digital News. (February 23, 2021). Hydroxychloroquine now approved as a preventative treatment for COVID-19 (Update). Retrieved from https://www.commdiginews.com/politics-2/hydroxychloroquine-approved-preventative-treatment-covid-19-128426/

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a drug used to treat malaria, used in combination with Azithromycin, has shown to have significant positive effects for CCP virus-infected patients.Even some seriously ill patients have made a full recovery.

China and South Korea have used HCQ with azithromycin to treat patients at the beginning of the pandemic. A French study on 21 patients showed the combination cured all the patients within six days.

The results of studies using HCQ with azithromycin to treat patients suggest an early diagnosis and treatment of CCP virus infected patients with the HCQ and azithromycin combination results in better clinical outcomes when compared with other treatments

A combination of hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, and Zinc is also claimed to stop the CCP virus from latching onto healthy cells, which prevents the virus from using the cell to replicate.

For most of the pandemic, pharmaceutical entities such as the American Medical Association (AMA) have discouraged the use of HCQ against the CCP virus, claiming the drug as ineffective and high-risk despite its reputation as a safe anti-malarial drug for more than seventy years. Early on in the pandemic, such entities, as well as the mainstream media, were quick to attack and discredit President Donald Trump when he promoted the use of HCQ to treat the CCP virus instead of a truthful investigation into the matter.

However, the AMA recently released an eyebrow-raising statement reversing its earlier claims against the use of HCQ to treat the CCP virus. Joe Biden also recently declared the approval of HCQ to treat the CCP virus.

This sudden reversal of opinion, especially after the vaccines’ release, may be considered questionable timing for many citizens around the world. Had HCQ been used to treat patients in the US throughout the pandemic as in other countries such as Australia, India, Spain, Iceland, and Italy, many deaths could have been avoided. A majority of individuals may consider proven, low-risk medication such as HCQ as much more cost-effective and trustworthy than the recent, controversial vaccines. This discovery could prevent thousands of deaths and millions of infections, especially as HCQ is inexpensive to produce and supply.

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