Suspected Wuhan Pneumonia Victims Now Staying in Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland announced closure of the park on January 27; however, the hotel remains in operation. A hotel staff revealed that 3 families from Wuhan have checked in, two of which have children displaying symptoms of pneumonia, including coughing and vomiting.

In spite of this, management has not taken special notices. Their only measures are permitting staff to wear masks, and setting up more hand sanitizer dispensers for staff to use. In an attempt to assuage the anxious staff, team leaders indicated that they could contact cleaners to disinfect after closing hours, and that they are free to use gloves during work hours.

These three families had all visited the park area, the crafts workshop, as well as the Enchanted Garden Restaurant. Staff from Entertainment Department and Recreation Department are very anxious of the health situation, and have no peace of mind at work.

Contributor: GM02

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1 year ago

It is a very dangerous situation. The Wuhan coronavirus is transferable from one person to another without infected individuals showing any symptoms of the virus.



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