Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on February 26th, 2021

Translated by: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV
Proofread by: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte
Posted by: Himalaya Rose Garden Team – Isaiah4031

Jin Canrong’s (a Chinese professor of politics and economics)  words in his video “Taking down the US” and his interpretation of the US-China relationship have caused a huge stir in the West. Jin Canrong and Hu Xijin are high-level CCP media spokespersons. They are attack dogs of the CCP. You can infer the direction of the CCP’s policy by what they say. The purpose of showing the video again is to convey to you that you should not treat the “Whistleblower Movement”, especially some important political views and core information, as entertainment information which does not have any effect. 

These are important moments. From this video people can clearly see that the CCP’s fundamental purpose is to buy time to carry out the “the white race elimination” plan, and then to defeat the US and the US dollar, and finally they (the CCP) can dominate the world. His video is a great help to our “Whistleblower Movement” and it gives us the evidence.

In addition, we can ascertain from the video the attitude of the CCP towards Taiwan and Hong Kong, and draw the conclusion that Hong Kong has been turned into a province by the CCP’s regime and that Taiwan is in a very dangerous situation. 

Through the “BGY” plot, and by spreading the virus, the US dollar may be defeated and the US incapacitated, and nobody may be able to intervene to save Taiwan. The reason Taiwan’s stocks do not fall is because of the whole world’s perception of the economy. Where can the Capital escape to if the Taiwan market sell-off? The whole world is doing QE (Quantitative Easing) and as a result the US stock market is soaring. But to tell the truth, the essence of the current economy is a bubble. 

A big financial figure in the “swamp” said that the changes in the world’s social structure, the changes in productivity needs, and the changes in global lifestyles caused by the CCP coronavirus will affect the next few decades, a hundred years, and beyond. The world’s governments will consume all the financial and economic reserves accumulated after World War II, which will be a fatal blow to the economy. After the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, a new world financial system is being established. More importantly, the effect of the oppressive rule, nationalization of the economy, and digitization of money imposed by the CCP will be much more than you can imagine. The so-called swamp, and the (Chinese term “Jianghu”) represent similar concepts, referring to the world’s bosses, the people who can make the rules, and the people who can change the constitution.

My son worked with a fund in Taiwan and in the (final stages) of deciding whether to invest, everyone in Taiwan, the US and Europe decided not to, thinking he was too young (which would lead to risk). After he presented a few key points and some data, the fund people asked my son where he got them from. My son told them that these came from his dad – me! The fund people were all dumbfounded, and finally decided to invest! 

The reasons Jin Canrong mentioned in his video for the attack on Taiwan are that the people (in mainland China) could have a better life, and that the Taiwanese no longer considered themselves to be Chinese. Now all preparations are about the attack on Taiwan, and the security issue between the US and China is all about Taiwan. But can any of the Taiwanese or their media speak clearly about the fundamental relationship between mainland China and Taiwan? Is there any politician who can clearly represent the CCP’s strategy toward Taiwan? Taiwanese who have lived in fear for decades have not only become numb, but have also become used to the “ostrich policy”, thinking that the CCP will never attack Taiwan, and assuming that the KMT and DPP will strike a deal to avoid war by surrendering. Let me tell you this – once the war starts, the CCP will definitely be finished, Taiwan’s economy will definitely collapse, also the Hong Kong dollar and the RMB will definitely be finished. From the perspective of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China, we want this to happen, but it is definitely not good for our compatriots in Taiwan.

According to the “swamp” in the US, not long after Michael Bloomberg again tried to go to Beijing to start an economic forum, his people (connections) were arrested and the forum was not allowed. This is the third time since Xi (Jinping) and Wang (Qishan) amended the Constitution. Wang Qishan and Bloomberg are definitely controlling the Wall Street economy and finance, and because Bloomberg exposed Xi’s family assets, Xi hates him to death. 

Wang Qishan, Jiang Zemin, Meng Jianzhu, Zeng Qinghong, Wu Zheng, Yang Lan (the main family political forces and figures in China in recent decades) are all from the “Shanghai gang”, which has been in power since the establishment of China, while Xi is excluded as an outsider. A few days ago, when Jiang Zhicheng, Jiang Zemin’s grandson, and some investors were negotiating a project investment, someone asked Jiang, “there are rumors that your families are in big troubles, if I invest billions of dollars, how do you guarantee my investment?” Jiang Zhicheng was so angry that he slapped the table and shouted, “I’m telling you this – you will see us regain the control of ‘Ant Financial Services’ very soon, and those who are in ‘Zhongnanhai (Beijing)’ will all be arrested!” That means they (Xi and other forces) have already started a fight, a deadly fight.

Although Xi prohibited Bloomberg from holding a forum in Beijing, he did not dare to cancel the forum, which also shows that Xi is not completely convinced of winning against the “Shanghai gang” or of being able to arrest them. This is why Xi raised the slogan “The country belongs to the people”, through which he is sending a message to the Jiang family that the country (and their money) belongs to the people, but the people belong to me, and that you should never expect to take the money after my death.

Xi fears that in the future Jiang, Wang, Zeng, Meng and Han (these families) will retaliate against him and his family if he suddenly has health problems, which also proves that he has no confidence in his own health and that he does not have an overwhelming advantage in this fight. When Jiang Zhicheng intended to go to Singapore to promote the virtual currency project, Xi warned him that he would never be allowed to touch the red line, challenging the country’s sovereign currency. The Jiang family slyly argued that it was only a commercial virtual currency project, and both sides are still in a fight. In the end, the result must be that one side defeats the other and both sides are losers. Only the New Federal State of China will be the winner after cleaning up the battlefield.

Regardless of what Biden intends to do, the US-China relationship is no longer what it used to be. Taking down the CCP by “spreading the truth about the virus” is irreversible.

The CCP has no way to escape conviction for both genocide and crimes against humanity. If you knew what happened yesterday and the day before, you would have been drinking and celebrating. The truth about the virus, the genocide, the crimes against humanity, the control and influence of the (US presidential) election, and especially the control of the Western media, have hit Westerners so hard that even the big figures in the “swamp” no longer feel safe. As long as the CCP exists, they will not stop messing up, challenging and hurting the world until everything is destroyed. So, I told the swamp power that without the CCP, they could have bigger, more legitimate and cleaner interests in China.

The plans of G-coin and G-dollar, the wisdom contained in G-clubs, the future development of G-fashion, GTV, and G-News, all G-Series will have an immeasurable future. We will definitely win because of the power we have got. The happiest people in the Chinese Lantern Festival should be us, the people of the New Federal State of China!

Let me hint at a piece of information: there are rumors that there would be a big action, a big turnaround in US politics, which will lead to a series of joint actions between Europe and the US to fight against the CCP!

Happy the Chinese Lantern Festival to all!

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