The CCP Is Seriously Considering Taking Actions in Taiwan

In the February 4, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo persuaded his fellow fighters in Taiwan to leave Taiwan because he had got intelligence that the CCP was seriously considering taking actions in Taiwan. He also said, “Truly I tell you, once the communist bandits attack Taiwan, the CCP will be finished.”

It is about my fellow fighters in Taiwan, like my brother Da-Niu, my sister Taiwan-Paris, a handsome guy, and a stunner. You couple really need to inform all our fellow fighters in Taiwan. I just received more information today: the CCP is seriously considering taking actions in Taiwan. If possible, come to the United States quickly, along with our fellow fighters. As long as you can get here, I will guarantee your accommodations, food, and jobs. Your annual salary will be no less than what you make in Taiwan. It can only be more, not less. I promise. 

The food will be no worse than Taiwan if not considering Chinese cuisine, so no worries about this. You will eat as well as I do, which is guaranteed. It is really time for you to think about this. Brothers and sisters in Taiwan, you really need to think about it. It seems that something is really going to happen. Truly I tell you, once the communist bandits attack Taiwan, the CCP will be finished. However, it worries me when thinking of my brother Da-Niu, my sister Taiwan-Paris, and so many brothers and sisters in Taiwan. There are also many other friends in Taiwan, like Master Chu-Yuan Lee. Although he abandoned me because of his cowardice, I am still concerned about him and the staff in his firm – the C.Y. Lee & Partners. There are many brothers out there that I still care about.

In the past few days, there were all kinds of signs and all kinds of intelligence from fellow fighters inside the CCP, which are really not good for Taiwan, really not good. If the CCP indeed attacks Taiwan, there will be mass casualties and a lot of blood will be shed. This is insane. The vast majority of the political struggles in Chinese history have been internal strifes in the imperial court. Sadly, thousands of years later, the CCP’s story of “Chinese do not fight Chinese, only kill Chinese” has been a recurring theme. The CCP says that the Chinese do not oppose Chinese on a daily basis, but in Hong Kong, it threw many Chinese and Hong Kong compatriots into the ocean after gang-raping them and humiliating them. The CCP always propagandized to Taiwanese that Chinese people do not fight Chinese, whereas the Taiwanese are scared half to death every day. This time they may not fight Taiwanese, but to kill Taiwanese. 

What can you say? There is no way to deal with these rogue bandits! If I had magical powers, I would have crushed those old bastards of the CCP who live in the Zhongnan Pit in no time, right? But now I can do nothing but be anxious and worried. A moment ago, while I was working out, a friend inside the CCP told me to ask our fellow fighters leave Taiwan if they can. These words are disturbing to me, so I quickly picked up my phone and recorded a Getter video. Aiya, brothers and sisters, the CCP is really crazy! I can’t imagine that those old bastards who are less intelligent than pigs want to rule the world?  Is the world trying to destroy them? Or are they destroying themselves? No matter who wants to destroy them, can they do less harm to the old hundred names? Well, it’s absurd, brothers and sisters.

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