The CCP’s “Communizing Singapore” Plan

In the Getter video posted on February 23, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo talked about the implications of the Jiang family moving to Singapore and revealed the CCP’s evil plan of communizing Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.

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Hello, dear honorable fellow fighters! Today is February 23. Have you worked out? I am not going to jump, to make you feel dazzling. Many fellow fighters, especially those in the farm of Singapore, are sending messages. They saw the report that the so-called Jiang Zhicheng’s or the Jiang family’s Boyu Capital moved to Singapore, and they thought it’s a good news because they thought the battle between Jiang’s Family and Xi being followed by the retreat of Jiang’s family to Singapore would indicate that Singapore is a good place, right? This is one viewpoint. A second viewpoint is that Singapore is very safe because the Jiang family has come to Singapore, so the CCP will not come, right?     

Let me tell you, my fellow fighters. You are all wrong. It is very simple. You don’t need to listen to me. Please look at the so-called “Reform and Opening-up” policy in history, which was after the mass casualties caused by the Cultural Revolution and when Mao and Deng competed for the throne. Do you know who moved to Hong Kong at that time, my fellow fighters? A distant son-in-law of Mao’s, Mao’s niece’s husband, was the first moving to Hong Kong, and then Deng’s family went to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, right? Then, the Ye family, which was not favored yet still influential then, brought the [CCP’s] intelligence system with them to Hong Kong. Several [PLA’s] generals and families all moved to Hong Kong. And then, you have seen that Hong Kong was gradually eroded and then eliminated.  

The Jiang family’s moving to Singapore has two implications. It indicates that the Jiang family was at a disadvantaged position in the battle with Xi and failed to get rid of him. Xi also made promises, indicating that Xi must have negotiated with the Jiang family, just like what happened in the past. “You, get out of here and make your money. Don’t involve in politics here anymore. Get lost.” Where to go? Singapore. What command to execute? It is called the “taking back Singapore” or “communizing Singapore” plan, in short, “Communize Singapore”. Do you know the name called by the insiders? It is called some island plan. Just like the Greater Bay Area in China, and yet, this time they have extended it to Singapore. Singapore will be merged into Malaysia, along with Thailand. It is called the Island Plan, which is communizing Singapore.   

Do you think the Jiang family will be safe after going to Singapore? You are kidding me. The Jiang family knows that Singapore is not safe, not even the U.S. They went to Singapore in the name of executing the Communizing Singapore plan, whereas their secret aim is to protect their own property. In addition, Xi has given away most of the overseas interests to the Jiang family, including those in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and even Taiwan and Japan. Of course, your overseas intelligence network, like the Ye family in the old days, needs to work for me. You need to continue to work for me, then your interests will be protected. Don’t get involved in politics and don’t mess up with me anymore. Then, the Ant Group may be given back to the Jiang family and allowed to go public. It will be allowed to be listed in the stock market if they move to Singapore. This is the essence, my brothers and sisters.        

I guess soon Jack Ma will come out and show his face in some small-scale events. An agreement has been reached after their battle in Beijing in January, with no casualties, nobody “reported” to the Babaoshan Crematory. This is the result of compromise. Singapore is in danger!The process of communizing Singapore will be sped up, and Singapore will definitely have the same fate as Hong Kong. Look at the handful people in the Lee family, look at Lee Hsien Loong, with that looking. You don’t know him in real life. If know him in person, you would know that it’s impossible for him to [fight against the CCP]. He is not like his father. There is a huge gap between them, a huge gap.  

My allergy. So uncomfortable. Why? I smoked two cigars yesterday. So, I apologize, brothers and sisters! 

So, the Lee family has no wise heirs. Also, Singapore is dominated by the Han people or Chinese decedents, so cannot be handed over to the so-called Indonesians, Indians, or Malaysians. So, in the end, the fight between the Lee family and the CCP is basically like a little finger fighting against an aircraft carrier, both psychologically and in terms of their strength. Ultimately, the CCP will take over Singapore. Then, it will expand to the west to take down Malaysia and control the neck of all the transportations in the Malacca Sea, the whole bay area. It is called the second frontline of national trade and defense. The Southeast Asia will be controlled 100% [by the CCP]. The Lee family will definitely surrender, completely surrender because they have no choice. They will surrender economically and politically because of its strength and also its blood relation. These were all in CCP’s plan long ago. Please do your research on the Chinese surrounding the Lee family and those so-called Malaysians surrounding them. These Malaysians have been compromised by the marriages arranged by the CCP, and they obtained huge interests from it. In the end, they will have no choice. Therefore, after Singapore is communized rapidly, it will become a big platform for the CCP’s overseas operations of intelligence and economy. The Chinese in Singapore will soon be treated like the Hong Kongers.          

What should we do? Next, let’s take down the CCP as soon as possible, right? Only the New Federal State of China (NFSC) can save all, make Singapore an independent country that can develop on its own, and stop the “Communizing Singapore” plan, and this is the best approach to protect the interests of Singapore, Chinese, and all Asian people. This is what I mean by saying that the world needs the NFSC. If the NFSC fails, the world will go into the darkness. The better part is that we are in the ultimate battle, the so-called CCP manipulating the U.S. President Election. Everything is going toward our desired direction, the direction that is advantageous to us. All kinds of threats to the U.S. have triggered the public’s anger. Asia and Europe are now fully cooperating with us – a critical moment in the process of “taking down the CCP by the virus and money”.      

Don’t forget that we also have the strategy of “taking down the CCP by money”. It means that many our fellow fighters across the world will possess huge wealth. Of course, we will be able to legally and peacefully influence the local politics, economics, military, and the media according to the local laws, making them aware of the crimes committed by the CCP, for example, the genocide of Uighur. Who can wipe out the evidence of genocide? Nobody. The CCP virus was made by the CCP. Who can cover it up for the CCP? Nobody. So, in the future, when we all have money, especially when we have too much money to spend, we can take out 1% of our money and use it in taking down the CCP. Then the history of the CCP will be liquidated and the CCP will be uprooted. People’s money will be returned to people. The rights and respects deserved by people will be given back to people. And the respect deserved by the Chinese people from the world must be given back to the Chinese people.      

Plans like the “Communizing Singapore” plan, a bastard plan, are plans that will destroy themselves. The so-called “Communizing Singapore” plan, in essence, is to protect the CCP’s illegitimate children. The so-called bloodline of governing the country connected by genitals aims at remaining in power for thousands of years and controlling the whole world and all the human beings. Can this bullshit be allowed to succeed? God will not allow them to succeed. We will not allow them to succeed. Nobody will allow them to succeed. Yet, watching them doing stupid things and acting like this is such a good thing, definitely a good thing. They are not only seeking their own death, but also helping us to unite more countries and forces to stand with the NFSC. Eventually, the Lee family will figure it out and realize that cooperating with the CCP will only lead to a dead end, a complete eradication and assimilation. Working with NFSC is the only way to survive, right? Lee Hsien Loong is not a big figure. Yet, he is not an idiot either, right? After all, he is the son of Lee Kuan Yew. Eventually he will cooperate with us. Now, he doesn’t have the ability, courage, or wisdom.      

Let’s wait and see, brothers and sisters. These are good news. As I said, today I will not share any bombshell news, no bombshell news. However, you will see that good news are coming one after another. Taking down the CCP by the virus and taking down the CCP by money are unavoidable, brothers and sisters. How intelligent are these words! How valuable are these two sentences! Anyone who hears these two sentences will agree that they are so awesome. Once an organization, a group, or a country loses its right direction or deviates from the core of the matter, it will be destined to fail. This is how the NFSC always holds onto the core and focuses on taking down the CCP…    

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