National Pulse Co-Host Natalie Winters discusses the CCP’s Compromise of The Biden Administration and Mainstream Media

Author: Lois

Bannons War Room. (February 24, 2021). Winters: The CCP has gotten their hook into every aspect of American society. Retrieved from

In a War Room interview on Thursday, National Pulse co-host Natalie Winters discussed some of her research with War Room host Stephen K. Bannon, exposing how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has compromised the Biden administration and the mainstream media while infiltrating American society.

“There’s such a void to fill, because all of these institutions, whether it was the think tanks, whether it was the other reporters, whether it was the outlets, conservatives, left…they really were all bought and paid for and not just bought and paid for, but compromised by the Chinese Communist Party,” Winters said.

“There really is no better example of that than the host of Biden appointees . . . from the top president, Joe Biden, all the way to the rank and file members, his senior advisors, you name it.”

Winters outlined her discovery on the role of think tanks such as the Center for American Progress in selling out the United States to the CCP.

“This group [The Center for American Progress] has not only co-authored reports alongside a group by the name of the China-United States Exchange Foundation, which is basically bankrolled by the Chinese government, our own U.S. government has identified this group as seeking to, quote, co-opt and neutralize enemies of the Chinese Communist Party and coerce foreign governments, the elites, the think tank crowd, into adopting policies that are, quote, supportive of Beijing.”

Winters then explained how members of the Biden administration, such as Neera Tanden or China policy coordinator Melanie Hart, are puppets funded by the CCP to visit China and produce reports dictating the United States China policy.

“It really is a whole twisted ecosystem that deserves to be unwound,” Winters said.

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