[Covid Origin] Manufactured Virus Known and Taught for Years in Military Textbook

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Page 92 of the CCP military textbook, “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon,” published by the Chinese Military Medical Science Press (CMMSP) more than five years ago, describes and defines an “invisible biological weapon.”

Below is that paragraph in original Chinese language:

Page 92, “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon”

[translation of the above paragraph]:

“Bioweapon manufacturers have also used stealthy viruses and special DNA fragments in the development of two new types of genetic weapons:

(1) Stealthy virus genetic weapon: A stealthy virus is released in a manner that “invisibly” infects a certain cellular genome of a population (individual). Afterwards, at the moment of attack, a specific activator is released, which activates the pathogenesis process and causes an epidemic of the viral disease. Thus, this type of genetic weapon is suited to its unique strategic needs and allows the biological weapon user to utilize it as a powerful (warfare-like) threat to bargain with the targeted higher echelons for a long time.

(2) Oncogenic weapons: The above-mentioned viruses or special DNA fragments of oncogenes that can initiate the growth of certain cancer cells can, through various “invisible” means, enter the human body and initiate the rapid growth and proliferation of wild cancer cells (or cancers) without restriction.”

[Author’s Comment]:

Throughout this translation, there are several key words to note. The textbook title has the word “man-made” and the heading above the two key paragraphs states “manufacturers.” We also see the word, “activator.” These words explicitly tell the readers, without a doubt that the CCP virus was premeditated years ago and created by the CCP. The textbook itself was published more than five years ago and has been taught in military academies since. What kind of “natural” virus would need an activator? What would this activator do? We can only surmise that the CCP virus leads to other issues. For those with underlying health conditions, the CCP virus may lead to death. Perhaps it leads to the formation of cancer cells or other serious long-term effects.

Knowing that the virus was pre-meditated and constructed, the CCP was quick to blame Italy, seafood markets, the U.S. and many other places for the origination of the virus early on in the pandemic. The government kept changing its mind as to who was responsible while simultaneously refusing entry into Wuhan to researchers and investigators. If the virus is “natural,” what do they have to hide? Why not open everything up to the world’s best researchers? Why not be quick and focused to make the primary accusation against one country? There is definitely reason to believe they are quietly hiding a goldmine of lies.

Also on the next page of the textbook, the author mentions that the manufactured viruses have the capability of being made to look “natural,” meaning when people examine them, it is difficult to distinguish natural from man-made. They can appear to be “naturally” evolved.

One must also consider the data from the CCP virus. Although so many have died, the virus does not actually have a high death rate. Why is this? Dr. Li Meng Yan’s thoughts conclude that the CCP seeks not to fully destroy the military system or kill off everyone. They seek to meddle with the system in a stealthy, invisible, inward way. They seek to destroy and divide Western civilization using politics, the economy, propaganda, fear tactics, and the influence of the media. Specifically, we may wonder about the “targeted higher echelons.” Who are they? Who does the CCP seek? No doubt, they want to surpass the U.S. to become the world’s biggest superpower and create a global dictatorship.

Now that the CCP virus has been labeled as SARS 2, we must go back nearly two decades ago to 2003 when SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) erupted in China. Back then, it was also thought to be man-made, but its origins were cleverly hidden. Now it has happened again! How many times will we let the CCP get away with this!? How much death and destruction will take place AGAIN!? Back then, the evidence was not really apparent; now it is overwhelming. If you take away nothing else, know and share that this virus was manufactured and pre-meditated by the CCP and we will not stand for it.

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