Dutch Parliament Declares CCP’s Treatment of Uighurs a ‘Genocide’

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Feb 25, 2021:

• Today, the Dutch parliament passed a non-binding motion declaring China’s treatment of its Muslim Uighur minority a genocide, the first such move by a European country.

o Western countries are now just labeling the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) but will soon take immediate action.

• The Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands strongly condemned and opposed the passage of a motion by the Dutch House of Representatives, saying it neglected facts and the common sense of law and was a deliberate smear of China and gross interference in China’s internal affairs.

o The CCP’s response to the Netherlands is the same as what is said to the Canadian government. Absolutely nothing new.

o The consequences of the Dutch parliament’s motion against Communist China will be:

a. Great impact on China’s technology industry, because the world’s biggest chipmaking monopoly, ASML, is a Dutch firm, which has cornered a critical link in the global electronics supply chain.

b. The negative impact of international trials, due to the World Court located in the Netherlands.

o Now the world is united to destroy the CCP.

• The Biden administration has yet to decide whether or not the U.S. will boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

o If the Biden administration finally decides to attend the Games in Beijing, it will lose the justice and political correctness they have been propagating


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