[Wuhan SOS] Another hospital criticizes doctors for discussing virus

Translator: VOG-LBW

Second Renmin Hospital of Tai-Chou


A summary of the recent violation of protocols on the handling of the coronavirus infected pneumonia, and the decision of disciplinary action on nurse “Li Min” from the emergency room for her violation of protocols. Attention All Departments and Offices: Right now, we are at a critical time in terms of controlling the coronavirus. All of us, under the leadership of every level of government and that of our department managers, together, we are united, to fight the outbreak together. But, there are still some that lack the awareness of self-discipline. In 2020, January 26th, nurse “Li Min” from the Emergency Room, showed a complete lack of discipline when she ignored the protocols of handling the outbreak, and spread information about the outbreak to her classmates on WeChat, even sending messages to chat groups, causing a bad influence. According to Tai-Chou Second Hospital’s Rules and Regulations, specifically The <Notice on Strengthening Disciplinary Accountability for the Supervision of Prevention and Control of Coronavirus infected Pneumonia>, we hereby give “Li Min” a full notification around the entire hospital as punishment, with actions pending based on further investigations. Every department should use this as an example of a violation, and continue to strengthen the disciplinary education of all medical personnel. No one is allowed to take an interview from any media or publish any material regarding the outbreak. Do not share any sensitive information about the outbreak in family/school Wechat groups.

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1 year ago

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Jan. 28, 2020