[February 22, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[February 22, 2021] Video translation

Esteemed fellow fighters! Today is February 22nd. Did you work out? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis?

Brothers and sisters, do you maintain the habit of fitness? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis? Boy, it is snowing again in New York today, see? It’s snowing like crazy!

In the past three years, rarely have I stopped keeping in touch with mainland China on my three cell phones. The bodyguard knocked on my door no less than ten times last night, asking me to go to sleep and not to use the phones anymore. Anyway, my wife was not at home last night, so no one could shout at me (and give me orders). But, brothers and sisters, our fellow fighters in mainland China, do you realize what’s happening in China now? Do you know what happened? Such a big tragedy!

Summarized as simply as possible: we have never seen any country on earth which could get rich by its internal civil strife and wars! All civil strife, wars and internal political struggles, finally, with no exception, result in the loss of safety, property and lives of the poor, and the vast majority of honest people and their families! Can anyone doubt that?No, right?

What is it like inside the CCP now? Infighting! There is political struggle at the county level and the municipal level. These bastards have inherited Mao Zedong’s sort of communism – fanatical to fight with all means. Then, to fight with God, with the laws of nature, and with the people. If you want to fight, go ahead. You bastards and the old bastards, don’t bring the war to the innocent people and ruin their lives!

Now all the rich people and officials, are trying every way to get foreign passports, those who can get out are doing so! Those who can go to the United States are the most powerful people, such as the old bastards in the “Zhongnnhai(Beijing)”. Slightly lesser people go to Europe, and some rich people choose to go to Switzerland or the UK;down the rankings are Australia and New Zealand; below them should be Japan;the lower level people manage to go to the third class (countries), which are the Mediterranean countries – wrong – it ought be the Caribbean countries, like Antigua, the British Isles, or some other countries,where many businesspeople are heading for!

What a mess – which you should have noticed – and which the EU, Greece, and Germany warned of yesterday. The influx of immigrants from China may far surpass the previous impact of illegal African immigration on Europe, and Europe should get ready for the incoming illegal immigrants from China!

Jacky Ma, Wang Jianlin, Xiao Jianhua, Ye Jianming (are all well-known Chinese figures), the next should be…… well, Zhang Hongwei might be in trouble! Zhang Hongwei, the bastard (vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of) the Oriental Group, and Lu Zhiqiang, both are (obviously) going to be over! And Dong Wenbiao, the rogue swindler,is going to be totally finished, all finished! Now everyone is fleeing when they still have a chance to leave.

A long-term partner of mine from the past in Nanjing, whose family runs the hotel business, told me last night: “Brother 7, in the words of my eldest uncle, this is the same (his eldest uncle is now in Hong Kong) as when our family fled to Hong Kong in the past! ” He said“exactly the same”! 

Moreover, dear brothers and sisters, look at the neighboring countries,including Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Nepal, and South Kore. Every country except North Korea, but of course including Taiwan, and including Burma. These countries where the CCP is staging chaos and people are being killed, Our Chinese people would prefer to go there rather than stay at home in mainland China! Look how far the CCP has gone?

Do you believe that the CCP can do a wonderful job of governing China better? Or do you think the CCP can make China more like Europe, America, or(any country in)the West which according to the CCP’s description are declining? Not in a thousand years! Do you believe the CCP can maintain the “stable economy” with 20 to 30 percent GDP growth? Do you think the CCP is capable of making 1.4 billion Chinese people live a better, and more happy life? I absolutely do not believe it!

These old rascals, if they believed in themselves, they wouldn’t have sent their family members overseas! If they had confidence, they wouldn’t have tried to make Jack Ma’s Ant Financial Services listed overseas, taking the money and running away! If they believed so, they wouldn’t have been so crazy!

Now (the CCP is) putting pressure on the U.S. again. It will be good if they do not stop! And it will be good for the New Federal State of China if they awaken the United States – which is going to be like igniting a bomb! Maybe you don’t know, brothers and sisters, that there are only two topics in the scientific, cultural, religious, and military communities around the world – nothing else! (The first topic is): the virus created by the CCP is definitely a threat to all mankind, to the whole world. And the second topic is: when will the “bomb” go off, which means when will the United States wake up and start fighting against the CCP? Brothers and sisters, that is the key point! You should know that the majority of the world’s people are smarter than the CCP, far less vicious than they are, (but) certainly smarter than they are!

Whoa, this wind, look at this, look at this, look at the snow, the Empire State Building! see? The Empire State Building in the snow, wow, it’s beautiful, terrific!

I really want to live broadcast, but I can’t. I have to go to a few meetings today, so I can’t live broadcast. I should take a shower right now and prepare for the meetings. Your brother 7 has to make money for you, (our fellow fighters). The meeting with G-Fashion’s team is always very time consuming!

So, another thing, brothers and sisters, the situation with the CCP’s virus – what we call “taking down the CCP by spreading the truth about the virus”. Brothers and sisters, it is coming to a critical moment, and may determine whether or not all mankind can survive. It is no longer a simple issue!

Some of our fellow fighters in mainland China said to me last night, “Brother 7, about the virus, some Chinese people really believe that it was made in the United States!” I said, “The more they think so, the better! Because the Americans have to come out and clarify, and the process of clarification is also the process of exposing the truth!” Those who most need the truth in the world are our New Federal State of China members – it (the virus) wasn’t made by us anyway, was it?

Well, now the whole world has seen what the CCP virus and vaccines have done to the world. Do you think the CCP are still talking about vaccines these days? The vaccine has become a “time bomb”, right? Anyone, (even) a fool – our fellow fighters – you can be ungrateful, but you shouldn’t forget easily. It was Lude Media show, Dr. Yan, the team of doctors – our Dr. Zhao, Dr. Hu, Dr. Bo, Ms. Elle,Dr. Mo – Mr. Lude, and us, the “Whistleblower Movement” which first warned everyone: don’t go out unnecessarily; wear a mask if you are out; take hydroxychloroquine with zinc; don’t take the vaccine! Now, taking the vaccine has become the most dangerous and stupid thing in the world, brothers and sisters, is that right?  The principle of “adherence to the truth” of our “Whistleblower Movement” brings us power, opportunity and safety!

I’m not going to talk about what is going to happen next. I just want to report to everyone that I am safe. There are some major things I’ll keep for now and report to you when we have a chance to live broadcast. Now, I need to make money for you! For specific matters, please contact the Himalaya Alliance Committee.

Brothers and sisters: the CCP is heading for the crematorium. It is on its way to the end, and no one can stop it! Get ready for a good life. The New Federal State of China is in the midst of intensive preparations for the day without the CCP, and also in the midst of the plans for saving all mankind! It has all begun, and thank you brothers and sisters!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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