[In-depth] Genetic Weapons Research is the CCP’s National Strategy

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On 10th November 2017, The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Military Net published an article on the topic of genetic weapons.  This website is the only official military news outlet approved by the Military Committee of the CCP, hence, the views expressed in the article do also reflect the official policy or position of the CCP.

The article showed the utmost unabashed attitude of the CCP in developing biological weapons.  Our translation of this article by no means suggests we endorse the author’s views.  Rather, we want the public to acknowledge that biological weapons pose a far greater threat to humanity than nuclear weapons.  And in response to this growing threat, the international community has banned biological and chemical weapons since the post-WWI period, and in 1972 and 1993, it further banned the development, stockpiling and transfer of biological and chemical weapons.  Under this framework, it is illegal for any country, including the CCP, to develop and stockpile biological weapons.

Yet, this article emphasized that “genetic weapons are new viruses, new bacteria, and genetic codes are known only to designers; the development of vaccines cannot ever catch up with the pace of the “poison-dropping”;  as soon as a breakthrough in the genetic code is found, it is easy to convert them into deadly ‘biological atomic bombs’ “.    At present, the outbreak of the CCP virus has already caused catastrophic losses of lives all around the world, nations being isolated, societies being divided and businesses collapsing with every passing day… all the horrific scenes described in the article are being played out into reality on a global-scale.

By now, justice-loving people of all countries should become ever more clear that the development of genetic weapons has always been a national strategy of the CCP to achieve its goal of global hegemony.  Today, by revisiting this old 2017 article published by the CCP military, we trust the revelation can wake up more people around the world, and end the ongoing deception by the CCP.   The risk to humanity has never been so imminent and real, the insidious CCP must be destroyed by their own released poison.  And, you can join us, the people of the New Federal State of China, to take down the CCP.

Translated Article

Genetic weapons are a new generation of biological weapons developed by modifying the genetic-code of disease-causing microorganisms through gene editing technology, capable of attacking the enemy at the genetic level.  Once the genetic code can be unlocked, the breakthrough can then easily transform pathogens into mass destructive “bio-atomic bombs”.

How genetic weapons impact on future warfare?

On October 30,  Xinhua Net reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed verbally in person that Russians’ biological samples were being purposefully collected by some party.  Thereafter, his words went viral.  Russian media then reported that the U.S. Air Force had targeted the Russians in a tender to procure biological samples.  Some Russian experts have warned that biological samples from the Russian population may be used in the future to create bacteriological weapons and that such collection activities should be monitored. The U.S. Air Force Education and Training Command (AETC) clarified to Russian media on October 31 that the “Advanced Molecular Monitoring Center” of the 59th Medical Unit, the largest medical unit in the U.S. Air Force did collect biological samples from Russians, but not for developing bacteriological and biological weapons purposes.

Genetic weapons are a new generation of biological weapons developed by modifying the genetic-code of disease-causing microorganisms through gene-editing technology, capable of attacking the enemy at the genetic level.  In simple terms, gene-editing technology is equivalent to a pair of genetic “scissors” that can “splice” a gene fragment from one organism to another to alter its physiological characteristics according to one’s subjective will.   Through this means, genetic weapons can modify genes to acquire new disease-causing microorganisms, and thereby rendering the opponent’s vaccine bank redundant.  U.S. intelligence agencies have thus classified gene-editing technology as a potential weapon of mass destruction.

Mass destructive “bio-atomic bomb”

Umbrella, Raccoon City, T-Virus are familiar names to fans of the gaming world in which a conceived virtual world is being torn apart by uncontrollable biological weapons: In secret scientific laboratories, hundreds of genetics and bioengineering experts involved in research were infected with the virus and turned into bloodthirsty “zombies”.  Once bitten or even scratched by them, human beings will become infected and turned into the same creatures.

In fact, from Germany’s influenza bacteriological weapons during World War I, to Japan’s Unit 731 during World War II, to the unprecedented scale of the Soviet Union’s biological arsenal during the Cold War, every history of biological weapons is inevitably rife with blood and chills.  Since the 21st century, gene-editing technology has flourished, the mapping of the human genome has been successfully completed, and biological weapons research has entered into a new era of genetic weapons.  A “biochemical crisis” may soon be played out in real life.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the rapid development of molecular genetics made it possible to develop genetic weapons.  Genetic weapons are based on the recombination of deoxyribonucleic acid, the carrier of genetic information.  The genetic engineering method enables the isolation and recombination of genes to form complex deoxyribonucleic acid.  On this basis, the transfer of genes with microorganisms’ help to make biological weapons that can transform the genetic material.

Since genetic weapons are “carved” new viruses and bacteria, the genetic code is known only to the designer, so it is difficult for the other party to decipher and develop a new vaccine in time to combat them.  Even if the vaccine bank is updated frequently, there is still a steady stream of new genetic weapons “ready to be released” at any given time.  The speed of vaccine development clearly can never catch up with the pace of “poison-dropping”.   As such, the defensive side will be in a detrimental position in combating bioweapons, as it is open to the sinister attacks from its enemy hidden in the dark.

This is especially the case with the rapid development of genomics.  As more and more complete genetic sequences of disease-causing microorganisms have been discovered in recent years, these genetically engineered microorganisms could potentially be the initiators of the “biochemical crisis”.

Achieving Military purposes without using a single soldier

Like traditional biological weapons, genetic weapons are small, inexpensive, and do not destroy non-living matter.  More importantly, without engaging much labourforce, the attacker can still achieve military objectives by merely dropping the genetic weapon into the enemy’s territory through human, aircraft, missile, or other delivery means.  Moreover, genetic weapons have many advantages that are incomparable to traditional biological weapons.

Firstly, genetic weapons are more contagious and lethal.  For instance, by transplanting gene fragments with high reproductive capacity, the reproductive spread of deadly pathogens can be increased several times; by transplanting gene fragments with high pathogenic capacity, the lethality rate can be increased to about 100%. 

Secondly, Genetic weapons are extremely stealthy.  For different military purposes, environments and targets, users can artificially design the incubation period of genetic weapons.  In other words, one can make a genetic weapon into a “time bomb” with a “countdown” of up to ten years. This is the most crucial difference between genetic weapons and traditional biological and chemical weapons.

There is no doubt that once genetic weapons are put in use, it will make a huge difference in the future of warfare.

  • The pattern of warfare will change forever. The opposing sides may use genetic weapons before the war, causing the destruction of the opponent’s personnel and living environment, resulting in the loss of combat capability of a nation or a race, and being conquered without shedding a drop of blood in the process.
  • The structure of military establishments and institutions will change. The number of combat units will be reduced, while the number of health service support units will increase significantly.
  • Strategic weapons and tactical weapons will be integrated.  The future battlefield will become invisible, making combats more difficult to manage and control, bringing new topics and challenges to military defense and military medical research.

Genetic weapons will serve as a strategic deterrent

Since 2014, CRISPR gene-editing technology has certainly revolutionized the scientific world.  Put simply, the CRISPR system is an adaptive immune system that bacteria can use to silently remove viral genes from their own chromosomes, a unique immunity for bacteria.  In the mammalian genome, the CRISPR system has been developed as an efficient and straightforward gene-editing technology, which acts like a universal gene “scissors” that can turn on or silence certain genes simultaneously, enabling “batch” editing of genes.

The development of this particular technology has led to a significant progress in genetic weapon studies, enabling the genetic weapons to be engineered more accurately, faster, and more deterrent to the target population.  As a result, U.S. intelligence agencies have classified “CRISPR gene-editing technology” as a potential weapon of mass destruction.

However, to date, the CRISPR technology is still confined to the laboratory study, and it has a high rate of experimental failure, let alone being developed into mass destructive weapons.  Modern warfare is becoming a multidimensional affair, and as information technology continues to improve, war is, to a greater extent, battles in substance, energy, infrastructure and, data and information. Whether genetic weapons that are capable of slowly killing humans and animals over a long period of time can be used in actual combat, and what would be the final price for humanity, are still to be debated.

In addition, since the “slaughter” of genetic weapons cannot distinguish between civilians and military, that poses grave political and moral risks which cannot be quantified.  Also, the genetic weapons, if improperly executed, or if a leak unfortunately occurs during transportation,  will harm the nation’s own people first and in a sense it’s like “Lifting a stone to hit your own feet”.

In the long run, genetic weapons should be more of a strategic deterrent in war.  In the real world, mankind’s exploration of the secrets of life is only the tip of the iceberg.  Genetic engineering is not a creation by God, any reckless abuse of genetic weapons will surely bring unpredictable catastrophe to the entire humanity.

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