Various Chinese state-owned media attacks Mr. Miles Yu by calling him a traitor

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Feb 25, 2021:

• According to the definition, the traitor betraying his allegiance by giving aid or comfort to his country’s enemies.

o Mr. Lu De raises questions to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

a. Is Mr. Miles Yu a citizen of the People’s Republic of China?

b. Does the CCP consider itself to be in a state of war with the US and treat it as an enemy? During the wartime, Xi Jinping, Wang Yi, Yang Jiechi, and others also collaborated with the US Biden administration, are they traitors?

o The CCP introduced communist ideology into China, which was the greatest treason in Chinese history.

o The CCP has been brainwashing the Chinese people brainwashed the Chinese to make them lose their courage and turn them into slaves.

• Dr. Peter Navaro said on his Twitter: “In Jan 2020 when I walked into the Situation Room under @POTUS45 direction to argue travel restrictions on China, Fauci fought me saying travel bans don’t work. If he were in charge, hundreds of thousands of Americans would have died from that one decision.”

o At the regular meeting of the Rule of Law Foundation on January 23, 2020, Mr. Lu De shared the CCP virus information he heard from Dr. Yan Limeng with Mr. Bannon. As news of the lockdown in China came immediately after the meeting, Mr. Bannon was so convinced and changed the name of his show to “War Room: Pandemic” the same day.

o All of Dr. Peter Navarro’s information about the CCP virus comes from the Whistleblower Movement. The Trump administration has saved millions of people from dying of COVID-19 by imposing the early travel bans in the US.

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