Biden Administration Reiterates CCP’s Repression of Uighurs Is ‘Genocide’

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• The U.S. State Department reiterated on their Twitter account, “On genocide, we’ve been very clear that Secretary Blinken has determined that what happened in Xinjiang was genocide. We’ve also been very clear that it constitutes a crime against humanity.” The spokesman for the United States Department of State Ned Price added in the daily press briefing, “other governments are looking very closely at this” as well.

o It appears that the Biden-Xi call on Chinese New Year’s Eve and Wang Yi’s condemnation did not have any impact on the Biden administration.

o Politicians in Washington would not dare to blatantly collude with the Chinese Communist Party and receive political contributions now.

o The Chinese Communist Party is unlikely to sit on its hands and will intensify its lobbying in Washington.

o The CCP is unlikely to sit on its hands and will increase its lobbying efforts in Washington. But politicians in Washington now must be afraid to openly collaborate with the CCP and accept political contributions.

o It is also possible that Xi will use U.S. anti-CCP sanctions to get the Biden administration to help him crack down on his political enemies by freezing all of their assets in the United States.

• An article, titled “After being sanctioned, Pompeo sees it as a badge of honor to spread rumors that leave him with no guarantee of a dinner(晚饭不保). This is his retribution” goes viral in China.

o Mr. Lu De and guests mock the author’s Chinese wording because, in the Chinese idiom, there is only the word “lose one’s integrity in one’s late-life (晚节不保).” CCP’s journalists are now so bad at writing.

• In another rebuttal article published by CCP’s Global Time, it mentioned Yang Jiechi felt sorry for WSJ’s cooperation with Pompeo.

o The CCP didn’t expect the leftist media, which has always been pro-communist, to start bombing them. So, they now have to throw money at the ads on Times Square video to propaganda the CCP’s coronavirus response during the pandemic.

• French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Wednesday denounced what he called the “institutionalised repression” of China’s Uighur minority.

• The CCP is bringing the Chinese people and the nation to hell. Our Whistleblower Movement must keep on spreading the truth and lead the Chinese people to the National Awakening.

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