Katyusha News Reference – Wednesday, February 17, 2021

I.The New Federal State of China News

1. British Foreign Secretary Raab said Feb. 17 that the Communist China must cooperate with the World Health Organization’s review of the traceability of the virus that led to the pandemic so that the world can understand who is responsible. He said, “We want to see full cooperation.”

2. Secretary of State Blinken said in an interview on Feb. 16 that “President Trump is right to take a tougher stance on some of the bad things that the Chinese Communist Party has done and is doing that are contrary to our interests and values.” He said, “But I don’t think we’re doing it in a way that’s producing results.”

3. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin attended his first meeting of NATO defense ministers on Wednesday. He pointed to the rising Chinese communist state and Russia’s destabilizing behavior, as well as global issues such as the Chinese communist virus, as threats and challenges to NATO.

4. On February 17 the USS Russell was in the South China Sea in compliance with the rights and freedoms of navigation under international law. The Seventh Fleet subsequently stated that this freedom of navigation operation upheld the rights, freedoms, and lawful uses of the sea recognized under international law by challenging illegal restrictions on innocent navigation by the Communist Chinese state.

5. National Pulse revealed that the EcoHealth Alliance, founded by Pete Dazzaco, a member of the WHO Virus Investigation Team, is likely to receive $750,000 from the U.S. government for the CCP virus outbreak. The coalition is working with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

6. The Lithuanian government banned a subsidiary of the Communist Party of China’s Nuctech from providing baggage scanning equipment to its airports, citing national security reasons, media reported on 17 July. U.S. Ambassador to Vilnius Robert Gilchrist said, “I congratulate the Lithuanian government for taking this step in seeking to ensure Lithuania’s national security and its critical infrastructure.”

7. The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service released its annual report International Security and Estonia 2021 (PDF) on February 17. The report states that “the Chinese Communist State is increasing pressure,” and that “implementing the Communist State’s foreign policy doctrine, or building a ‘community of shared destiny,’ will lead to a world of silence dominated by Beijing. In the face of growing confrontation with the West, the Chinese Communist State’s main goal is to create a split between the United States and Europe.”

8. The survey, released Tuesday by the British Foreign Policy Group, found that 41 percent of respondents viewed the Chinese Communist state as a serious threat, up from 30 percent last year. The survey also found that only 22 percent support any kind of economic agreement between the British government and the Chinese Communist Party, 15 percent do not want to see any level of agreement, and only 13 percent support Chinese Communist Party involvement in Britain’s infrastructure.

9. In a statement, the Navy’s Seventh Fleet said the Burke-class destroyer USS Russell conducted a freedom of navigation operation in the Spratly Islands, or Nansha Islands, as the Chinese Communist Party calls them, on Wednesday local time, defending the rights, freedoms and legitimate uses of the sea under international law by “challenging illegal restrictions on innocent passage imposed by the Chinese Communist Party, Vietnam and Taiwan. 

10. Japan’s Maritime Safety Agency Chief Takahisa Oshima said at a press conference on 17, in view of the “Maritime Police Law” that allows the use of weapons by the Chinese Communist Party’s Maritime Police Bureau to come into force on the 1st, Japan’s territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands will be guarded “within the scope permitted by international law and in accordance with the principles of law, not excluding the use of weapons. “.

11. The Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has sued a Nigerian subsidiary of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) for allegedly helping a Nigerian senator in 2014 with a fraudulent cash transaction of about $13 million, Nigerian media reported on Tuesday. The Nigeria subsidiary executes international contracts and economic cooperation on behalf of Communist China government and Nigeria is a signatory to the CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative for infrastructure development.

12. U.S. short-seller Wolfpack issued a report on February 16 saying that Ehang, a U.S.-listed CCP drone maker, had falsified its products, production, revenue, partnerships and potential regulatory approvals; and that its main customer, Shanghai Kuanxiang Intelligence, had signed false sales contracts with it. The company’s U.S. stock price plummeted that day, and its market value evaporated $4.1 billion.

13. The Burmese military government has received “technical support” from the Chinese Communist Party to build a firewall to prevent local people from accessing social media and U.S. media. As a result, there is a small anti-Chinese sentiment and boycott of Chinese goods. Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Yangon, Burma’s largest city, on Wednesday in the largest demonstration to date.

II. World News

1. U.S. conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday of lung cancer at the age of 70. Bush, Trump and other members of the Republican Party expressed their condolences. FOX News noted that Limbaugh’s impact on Trump’s political rise “cannot be underestimated”.

2. On Wednesday, Joe Biden completed his first call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since taking office with the phone call believed to have lasted about an hour. In a White House statement issued late Wednesday, Biden “affirmed his history of strong personal commitment to Israel’s security and conveyed his intent to strengthen all aspects of the U.S.-Israeli partnership, including our strong defense cooperation.” Netanyahu is the first Middle Eastern leader Biden has spoken to.

3. The U.S. Department of Justice released an indictment Wednesday (Feb. 17) charging three North Korean computer programmers with stealing and extorting more than $1.3 billion in cash and cryptocurrency from financial institutions and companies. Authorities also said the program also repeatedly deployed “spear phishing campaigns” from 2016 to early 2020, targeting employees of the U.S. Department of Defense and State Department, as well as workers at U.S.-approved defense contractors, energy companies, aerospace companies and technology firms.

4. On February 17, Taiwan’s Minister of Health and Welfare and Commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center Chen Shih-chung revealed that Taiwan’s original proposal to purchase 5 million doses of vaccines from the German company BioNTech had changed due to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party.

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