Chinese Communist Party Is Killing Us With Contemporary Genetic Weapon

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We have been suffered from CCP virus over 1 year, till now 120 million people were infected, 2.48 million people were killed.
At the beginning of 2020, Whistleblower Movement already told the whole world, that this pandemic is totally planed by the Chinese Communist Party, the contemporary genetic weapon, yes, you are right, we are in the 3rd World War, the people who like me know the truth, we feel angry, because most of the politics and big tech companies, they keep silence even suspended our social accounts. Not everybody have courage just like the Czech Cardinal Dominik Duka, who claimed during a sermon that the coronavirus was “a Chinese biological weapon”, “All military experts around the world are convinced of this, but they are either afraid to or do not dare say it,” Cardinal Duka said.
Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal State of China, is the only one, who keep talking the truth!
Finally, we can see recently the mainstream media starting to report that CCP virus is from lab. OMG…congrats! My dear aunty bat, my dear uncle pangolin, my dear seafood family…I know you are innocent.
If you want to talk about the CCP virus, then you have to contact with the New Federal State of China, you have to face our hero Dr. Li-Meng YAN. The Wall Street Journal posted an article wrote by Mr. Pompeo, he stated that in 2019 autumn already have CCP virus case in Wuhan, a worker in Wuhan Institute of Virology was infected. As you know, Wuhan Institute of Virology worked with Chinese military, from the very beginning they make effort on coronavirus.

Title: Unnatural Origin of SARS Virus AND Genetic Weapon With Artificial New Species of Human Virus
Published in 2015, by Military Medical Science Press in China (PLA official Press)

The CCP has ruled China for 70 years, they never let the Chinese people live in a rule and law society. Remember last year Miles Guo said, those “old dogs”(leaders in Zhongnanhai) in Beijing were very satisfied with this CCP virus. That means, they tried before, but worked not so good like this time, they were happy this time so many people were infected and died, human to human, not easy to find the evidence, bat is a good reason for the world.
Just curious, why those “old dogs” are so happy with people dying? Just for having fun? (F, this is sick enough!)
From Lude Media we know that, Chinese Communist Party already made 2000 virus within 10 years! Why they do that? If they want to suicide then no need to take so many years, or they want to find a perfect way to kill others! 2000 virus for different RACES, yellow, white, black, brown.
Why Chinese Communist Party is so crazy for genetic weapon? For what? NASA already landed on Mars, making preparations for permanent migration to this red planet, it’s for our future. But from this case, look how many people were killed, how people living so hard, Chinese Communist Party is totally not for human’s future, they just want to destroy and control this world!
Escape from the Earth to Mars is a little bit too early…but you have one choice, join us! Join in the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State Of China!
Frankly speaking, Unnatural Origin of SARS Virus AND Genetic Weapon With Artificial New Species of Human Virus, this book is not a normal book, that is a perfect crime guide, it’s the research of Chinese military, criminal ideas and plans (the book), crime tools (CCP virus), the scene of the crime (the whole world), the victim (120 million people were infected, 2.48 million people were killed, those numbers are still increasing). We all know CCP virus comes from Wuhan in 2019, why Chinese Communist Party always refuse the international organization investigate Wuhan Institute of Virology, to figure out what happened there. BTW, 3 hours visit were not enough, 3 hours were for eating and drinking. Why CCP destroy the earliest virus samples and ban the virus data? (That is insane just like cleaning blood stains, fingerprints and everything left at a crime scene.) Why they closed the domestic flights at beginning of 2020 but open the international flights?
Why CCP are so afraid of investigation? Why CCP cannot tell us the truth, share the real data with other scientists, please tell the world, as you know, we 7 billion people can help you to resolve the problem…if you have trouble.
My dear friends, please stay at home, don’t hang out with your friends,
because we are in the 3rd World War!
My dear friends, please stop reading fake news, check the truth on GTV and Gnews, because we are in the contemporary genetic weapon war!
You can enjoy your life, only after TAKE DOWN THE CCP!
Stay safe, keep health, then you will have chance to write a book, named War Memoirs…

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