[February 15, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Mike Li & Author

Proofreader:Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) - Liberte

Getter Video link:[February 15, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter

[February 15, 2021] Video translation

Wow, you see this view, look, it’s really snowy, right? 

People ride horses, while I ride dogs, huh! No one has ever walked in this new snow yet, look how deep the snow is! Look at it, so it’s really going to snow again soon, it’s going to snow again! The whole place here is extremely cold, super cold, the air is extremely fresh, so comfortable!

Well, just after I sent the getter out, (someone) called again: “please, don’t talk about these things on getter!” Why cannot I talk about it? Why can’t I talk about it? Right? You can talk about it, but we can’t? Where do these rules come from? Is that right?

Another thing, yesterday many friends who won the prize sent me messages and asked some questions. Please remember: do not ask me, you have to contact the G-Club service center directly, and …. you can reach out to each farm as well. G-Club will announce a series of details later, because there are some things that cannot be made public, so it cannot be announced (now). A lot of people have received messages from the G-Club management team in their “junk” mailbox, which is a problem.

(Mr. Guo is calling a dog)

“DuoDuo, come here, come!” Everyone knows who (this) is, right? She’s the Fiancée of BenBen, she is only six-month-old, who hasn’t been married yet! Super cute, is called “Duo Duo”. Super, super cute, ten or a hundred times cuter than Benben! Super cute, only a six-month-old, this is pure blood (dog), and her ancestors are world champions – our Benben found a Fiancée with a family with a political (background), the roots of the red seeds – so ridiculous! But, (“DuoDuo”) is super, super cute!

I will have a video conference this afternoon to talk about cooperation between the New Federal State of China and a certain country. Especially since what happened yesterday seriously affected their country.

(Mr. Guo is happily playing with his dog)

The G-Club raffle yesterday had so much impact, so much impact! Especially for – anyone with a brain, what does it mean to them. We all understand it very well: we have to train our people, one by one, with a conscience, to provide them with more opportunities, and they should be allowed to live a decent life, especially – and that’s something that can’t be said, legally.

Next, there’s supposedly bigger event, higher end event? It was fun, and I had a special time. It really made me happy when I saw our fellow warriors receiving such pleasure and having these hopes and opportunities! I couldn’t even feel it before, but now I feel it even more! When you do something you want to do, not for yourself, but for others, and you are super happy. The feeling is exactly what the Buddhists said, it is really called – not ” pure Dharma joy”, it should be the true inner “Lotus’ joy (lotus- taking on the symbolic mission of Buddhism)” and the feeling of great rejoicing without any defects. That feeling of joy is beyond expression!

Especially when I saw those who participated in the lucky draw yesterday – hey, you cannot see how my shoes look, these shoes are so beautiful. – Specially to hear the fellow fighters who won the prize, it (can) change the fate of their family, it means a lot to me! For domestic fellow fighters, it’s so important!

Hey, this move is called “golden chicken stand alone” (demonstrates martial arts – posing as a pheasant standing on one foot). Am I impressive? Brothers and sisters? Wow, I found out that my Kungfu is still good! My leg strength did not deteriorate, I can still fight! But this leg is not as strong as the other one, you can see that? This leg hurts, this leg is not as strong as the other leg, can you see?

Wow! Our G-Fashion pants, great, great! Warm, nice and comfortable! So hey, brothers and sisters, I hope everyone can find the same unique happiness and joy, special happiness and special comfort just like me!

I didn’t expect that G-Club’s annual meeting would have such a big impact, and so many organizations took the initiative to contact us, hoping to cooperate with us. G-Fashion, at the very least, will take a year or two to grow big and mature; G-Fashion will take at the very least a year to two years to become a worldwide sales platform. G-Fashion is just starting out now, and there are many loopholes, shortcomings and challenges everywhere, including integration.

However, we can see the difference and the unique value of G-Fashion. The uniqueness and, especially, the biggest challenges and the answers of G-Fashion to the future of the fashion world – the biggest contradiction between quality, price and material, and the artistry of its design, is a challenge for all brands! I think G-Fashion will be the biggest innovation in the world, the biggest innovation! I believe it will go very, very far, fly very, very high, and will be very successful!

Thank you! Thank you, brothers and sisters! I’m done here, I have to go to work, go to a meeting!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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