The Neo-Nazi Weapon From The CCP Is Not A Virus But A Theory Of “Perfect Criminology” (Part 3)

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Ⅲ. The perfect crime cover is a patriot

Another successful example of the CCP’s perfect crime is that it successfully confuses the relationship between “Party” and “State”. The people under the CCP not only believe that loving the party means patriotism, but also the international community is also forced to believe in the lie that the CCP is equivalent to China.

In fact, after the concept of political parties can never represent the country after being broken by the Whistleblower Movement, the so-called patriotic theory of love for Hong Kong is still forcefully promoted, followed by the new concept of “Patriots Ruling Hong Kong”. Its spokesman, Han Dayuan, a professor at the Renmin University of China Law School, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency, a major foreign propaganda agency of the Communist Party of China, that “ ‘Patriots Ruling Hong Kong’ is a fundamental principle for perfecting ‘One Country, Two Systems’, safeguarding national sovereignty and security, and maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

After 2019, the premise is that Hong Kong’s independence, self-government and elections are completely non-existent. The CCP is still slanderous, and its nasty, evil, insidious and empty lies seem to have been perfectly criminalized. The lie that runs counter to morals is that today’s dead Hong Kong is a long-term prosperity under the aggression of the CCP.

In the same way, the patriots covered in lies cover all areas, such as global climate change, packaged into angel projects under the perfect crime theory. An article on “Bill Gates Funding Chemical Cloud Project May Help Slow Global Warming” states: “The consequences could be alarming. They could involve problems such as mass starvation, mass flooding, droughts that would affect large numbers of people,” said Stephen Gardner, author of “The Perfect Moral Storm: The Moral Tragedy of Climate Change. The shocking thing is that this Paris Climate Change Forum is to share the cost of expensive carbon emissions around the world, but it is a project used to kill mankind itself, that is to say, when funding the transformation of the universe created by God led by Gates behind the scenes, Bill Gates can be regarded as the world’s biggest Christ. When these evil angel projects unite with the black hand of the CCP, it will inevitably lead to mass starvation, floods and many uncertain disasters to happen to the human population.

There is also every reason to believe that this “will lead to dramatic changes in regional weather and the elimination of blue skies.” The landmark event in the triumph of the Great Restart of the Dark Forces was the U.S. election. After the defeat of President Trump, who opposed the Paris climate agreement plan, Joe Biden restarted this plan. Moreover, this climate change project not only rises to patriotism, but also extends to caring for the earth and human living environment. If you oppose this, you will be labeled as lunatic and anti-human. The dignitaries of all countries are shut up and have to pay for it meekly.

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