Mike Pompeo and Miles Yu Wrote Explosive Op-Ed About the CCP Virus

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Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Feb 23, 2021:

• Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his China policy adviser, Miles Yu, co-authored and published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal titled “China’s Reckless Lab Puts World at Risk,” and stated that “Beijing is obsessed with viruses, but not biosafety. We are paying a high price for its lapses.”

o The term “contemporary genetic weapons” in the textbook of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) – “unnatural origin of SARS and genetic weapons of new human-made human viruses(非典非自然起源和人制人新种病毒基因武器) “first appeared in the media.

o Mr. Lu De summarized 3 keywords from the article: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the PLA, and biological weapons, which may pave the way for later concluding that the virus is a CCP’s unrestricted bioweapon.

• German daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel interviewed Matthias Glaubrecht, an evolutionary biologist and professor for animal biodiversity and founding director of the Center for Natural History at the University of Hamburg, to discuss the views of Dr. Roland Wiesendanger on the CCP virus.

o Discussion of the origin of the virus has become a hot topic in Germany.

o Our Whistleblower Movement warriors should keep on spreading the truth of the CCP virus and gain back the power of discourse from the CCP as soon as possible.

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