It Is The Poetry That Comes From the Heart

【Author】Jin Wang

It Is The Poetry That Comes From the Heart

The little things

That causes the Earth to tremble

And our souls to wake 

The poetry of little things

That ignites the greatest moments of bliss 

A smile from an innocent child

The kindness from a stranger walking by

The comfort of a knitted family

The entwining of dear friends

The touch of compassion

The blessing and gift of sharing and giving Lessons to learn, to blossom and grow

The freedom to do as we please

The health of our mind, body and soul

The ocean’s fluid and hypnotic motion

The soothing sounds of waves caressing the shore

The sun that kisses and warms

The rain that softly falls

Clouds and rainbows painting the sky

The Earth…life’s infinite rebirth

The journey of the stars and moon

The Light that shines within

And the sweet song that nature sings

These little things Garnered with the greatest Love

Observed in the silence of the moment Present in harmony, stillness and peace

It is this poetry

The poetry of little things

That elicit the greatest happiness

Each day we live and breathe Heart to heart

Hand in hand

A new day begins…

【Editor】Mi John

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1 year ago

Jin wang ,thank you for sharing beautiful poem! I love it 👍👏🙏❤️🌹

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