The Chinese Communist Party Has Arbitrarily Convicted and Sentenced a Large Number of Uyghurs

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The Chinese Communist Party has increased prosecutions of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang since 2016, convicting and sentencing more than 250,000 people under the pretext of a “campaign to combat violence and terrorism,” Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday (Feb. 24).

While few verdicts and other official documents are publicly available due to strict control of information by the Chinese Communist Party authorities, HRW said in a statement that according to the organization’s analysis of nearly 60 cases, many people were convicted without having committed a real crime.

These formal charges are different from those of people arbitrarily and illegally detained in “re-education camps”.

Maya Wang, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch, said, “While the Chinese(CCP) government’s Xinjiang education camps have drawn international outrage, the detention and imprisonment of Muslims in Xinjiang by the formal justice system has received little attention.”

“Despite the veneer of legality, many of the people in Xinjiang’s prisons are ordinary people who have been convicted for earning a living and for their religious beliefs.” Maya Wang said.

Human Rights Watch said the convictions included discussing religious teachings on WeChat, bringing gifts to relatives in Turkey, and other acts that did not explicitly constitute crimes. In addition, post-conviction sentences have been getting longer since 2017.

According to the survey, the number of people sentenced to more than five years in prison was about 10.8% until 2017. In 2017, however, the percentage was 87%.

Source: Epoch Times

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