[February 21, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

Translator:  Himalaya MOS - guocamole(文金欠)

Proofreader: Himalaya Rose Garden Team (Isaiah4031) 
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Getter Video link:  [February 21, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter

[February 21, 2021] Video translation

Hello, my honorable brothers-in-arms (BIAs)! It’s February 21st. Many brothers-in-arms said they wanted me to broadcast for a little while, but I really can’t today! After I work out, I will have many meetings to go to, and I have to go out. So, sorry about that! Brother Seven has got no time to do live broadcast today. Deeply sorry! I still need to work out! Brothers and sisters, never forget to work out! Don’t give yourself any excuses for being lazy. Giving up today will result in tomorrow’s loss. Giving up for whatever good excuses you come up with today will make you lose big. Never ever give up, please, brothers. 

Aiya! Look at your Brother Seven, handsome and old. Aiya! Never overstate anything. When I was little, I always said that I admired people with gray hair, but now I’ve got more and more of it! Many brothers-in-arms told me or sent me messages, expressing how they have been moved and showing their gratitude. Save your gratitude! Indeed, after my live broadcast yesterday, many people have attacked me. My partners thought I was a lunatic. 

I have been doubted since I was young. “Fraudster Guo”, “lunatic Guo”, “three-second Guo”, what else, “penniless Guo”, – these names have accompanied me throughout my life. I specifically want to thank you for the name, “Fraudster Guo”, because it always reminds me not to go in that direction. It has always been correcting me, which is so fantastic, but brothers and sisters, very few people in this world can reach that state. 

I, Miles, don’t deserve gratitude from any BIA. We are equal. Why do you have to suffer because you have trusted Brother Seven, and why do you have to lose so much because you have believed in me? Especially those BIAs who have kids and elderly relatives, how can they find enough time to deal with this nine-finger demoness (SARA VOG)? Demons of this kind have used our trust and kindness, so they should bear more harsh, perhaps the strictest punishments according to US law. Not every BIA has the ability and the time for this. This is what Brother Seven should do. Brother Seven has no liability by law or in reality, but from the heart, Brother Seven must do this. So brothers and sisters, you don’t need to express your gratitude. So many messages, I can’t read them all! 

This [ the courage of taking responsibility] is what we Chinese must have. We can’t be like the CCP, who ask for people’s trust when they need others. When they don’t need others, or they need others to be their scapegoat, they will kick away trust in no time – treating trust only as a tool. What you should not do is let people trust you 100% when you need them, and when they need you (for your fairness and help, or to prove your trustworthiness) you totally forget your past promises. Not only is it unfair, it’s also immoral. The CCP has been bullying the weak, while being afraid of the strong in China, for decades. Bad guys like Sara, the “nine-finger demoness”, and the SOBs such as Chen Qisheng, the “penis-head Yang”, and also Wei Xiuzhu, are we afraid of them? No! It’s not okay to let BIAs suffer. Let me handle these bad guys. I have to. 

I enjoy this so much. Although I’m facing many challenges, I enjoy it. My lawyer has just sent messages, asking me to meet with him. I just won’t meet him, so what? What can he do about your Brother Seven? Right? After I made the decision and woke up, the sky was still the sky and the earth was still the earth, right? Who can change that? If you do a bad thing today, you won’t feel this good, but I’ve done something good, so I feel really great. So many BIAs have been cheated by this nine-finger demoness! Eight thousand people, which means tens of thousands of families can’t sleep well! I, Brother Seven, taking the responsibilities can make so many people sleep well and rest assured that they can have the wildest dreams about their wonderful future. In no more than two months, you will see real benefits. If [I didn’t do it], for how long will they be accompanied by agony? Brother Seven, just me, one person shouldering the burden will make so many people happy. Is it worthwhile? Yes, it is. I am thinking how beautiful it is if I take this responsibility so as to make so many people happy. What a wonderful thing! Many people don’t cherish this opportunity or understand it, but I really do. 

I want to thank the BIAs who have given me trust, which has tested me for what my belief is, and also held me steadfast to the rule of righteousness. I, Brother Seven haven’t really talked about the strategies and tactics involved, which I will tell you someday through my live broadcast as a big surprise! There are strategies and tactics involved, brothers and sisters. Why did I make the announcement yesterday? Why didn’t I say it on the first day? I wanted to do that the very first day, while I listened to the lawyer’s advice. I had to have the wisdom of not doing it that way. Secondly, I needed to do some “fishing”, right? I needed to “fish” a little longer, and in the meantime, I could exercise my body and mind with the BIAs, to allow our BIAs to test each other out, right?

You can’t imagine that not even a single BIA has blamed me. No one has told me anything like this, “Brother Seven, I’ve been scammed because of you.” Not even one! Whether it’s 8,000 people or tens of thousands of people, I have gained so much trust and so much respect! If I don’t do this, I will be the worst guy with no conscience. If one knows the joy of doing good in his life, he has truly “come to fruition”, obtained cool and clear “pritijanana”, remedied his omissions, and conquered his ignorance, egoism, attachments, aversions and anxiety. So, this clear and cool joy is so magical, beyond any words can describe. Let’s strive together, brothers and sisters. The happiness in one’s life has no limit, but it’s all built on conscience. No good things are built on divisiveness, evilness or hurting others. This is forever true, in any place, any country, at any time.

Nine-finger demoness and others will face imprisonment for longer than their lifetime. That path is too dangerous! Always remember, never cross the red line of law and morality. Will say no more. I have to keep working out. Are you okay with that, brothers and sisters? Okay? 

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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