[February 15, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[February 15, 2021] Video translation

Dear fellow fighters! Did you work out yet? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis? (Today is) February 15th. As you know, we got together yesterday and had a wonderful G-Club members’ private party. Many of our fellow fighters won the grand prize!

From yesterday to now, I can feel the(influence of)the Whistleblower Movement, and the number of fellow fighters in our Whistleblower Movement is growing tremendously!G-Club will of course grow considerably,that’s for sure! The number of web views on GTV and G-News also skyrocketed yesterday!

So, brothers and sisters, over the past 70 or 100 years of history in China, has there been anyone,either in the CCP or among the “fake democracy activists”, who ever took anything of their own and gave it to the people they called “compatriots” – either among the Chinese overseas or the mainland Chinese? Not once! (They) demand, rob, cheat, or, like the “nine-fingered demon(Sara VOG), deceive others by making them write a will (giving her their money)! Sad, so sad!

All these years, I have never seen any Chinese person or organization devoted to giving, but only to cheating and robbing! However,yesterday we began a new year with a real relationships of mutual benefit and altruism between the New Federal State of China and our Chinese compatriots!

After the party yesterday, I went to see the new Indian movie – WHITE TIGER. Why did I watch this movie? Yesterday, I had a live-stream before I watched the movie. Before I watched (the film) and before the live-stream, I had not seen the movie. A while ago, an Indian friend once asked me if our studio company could invest in a movie, and briefly introduced the story to me. I told that person, “Okay, you go ahead to talk (to the studio)!  I don’t have any interest; you guys go ahead and talk!” In the end, they didn’t make a deal. Yesterday my daughter told me that there was a new movie released – but she didn’t know that her dad had some connection with the movie – she said:”Dad, I recommend you watch a movie called ‘WHITE TIGER’, it’s worth watching. ” Because of her recommendation, I went down to my theater room to watch the movie. Not long after the movie started playing, I realized it was (the one) that the Indian friend had mentioned before, and I basically knew what it was about. I sat there eating my popsicle while watching the movie. I finished it before even finished eating my popsicle. I thought (the movie)was pretty good. But there is some information I would like to share with you.  I’ll broadcast around 6:40 this evening, and casually chat about it.

Well, I got a sound sleep last night which I’ve never had in the last ten days. My voice sounds hoarse not because of talking too much, because I smoked too many cigars yesterday, or maybe I was too tired. Too many things I have been dealing with during this Chinese New Year made me exhausted, especially the G-Club party, and another event – “Chinese New Year’s Eve Gala with Wengui”. Most importantly, in the U.S., we are working behind the scenes to advance our strategy of taking down the CCP,which is “cooperating with the U.S.”, ” spreading the truth about the virus”, and “through financial warfare”. During the Chinese New Year’s holiday, we either receive blessings from others or we give blessings to others. There are different aspects of this matter, right?

Last night, when (I) lay down to sleep, it was incredible. I slept for at least seven hours last night, but woke up about ten times during my sleep. When I woke up, I did not feel very well, so I did some physical exercise right away. No smoking, no coffee, no pastry today. I Just finished exercising. That’s what Wengui is all about: always stand up straight when there is a need to stand firm, and always act firmly when there is a need to show toughness! Strong people, are always strong themselves without imposing on others. Demand more of themselves, but don’t force others. Forgive others but not themselves. This is Wengui! There is a deep meaning in “forgiveness”. Wengui, who forgives others but not myself: this is the real Wengui!

Last night, the phone suddenly rang when I was sleeping. It scared the hell out of me. I picked up the phone and the disturbing call was from a Hong Kong lawyer who had previously represented Jack Ma. On the phone, the lawyer said, “Mr. Guo, please don’t talk about Ma Yun -Jack Ma- anymore!” I said, “What do you mean? It’s the Chinese New Year, what is the reason for this call?” He said, “It’s because the ‘whistleblower movement’ often talks about Jack Ma. It caused Jack Ma to be under investigation by the (CCP’s) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and National Security. They make him sit in a chair facing the camera with a gun pointed at his back, in the “Shuang Gui- double rules (when to say & what to talk about)” position. Could you please ignore (him) and stop talking about (Jack Ma)!”

I said to the lawyer “we’re not in the mood to talk about Jack Ma”. I also told him “a couple of days ago, an ex-girlfriend of Jack Ma, who had a child with him had no money to pay her rent”. I mentioned to you all before that a guy who helped Jack Ma take care of this woman and her child was a friend of mine. Now this person was gone. The story came back to me during this phone call. I replied “why did you telling me all this? This is Ma Yun’s business. How would I know all this?”

So, the CCP force Ma Yun to perform whenever they need him, but don’t even allow his little lover to have enough money to pay the rent. In terms of robbing people of money, the CCP is number 1 in the world! They robbed 1.4 billion Chinese people of their money, and robbed 1.4 billion Chinese people of their future! Even Jack Ma (formerly a super-rich man) can’t even pay for his girlfriend’s rent! All Chinese private entrepreneurs, think carefully and wake up!

Then, more importantly, yesterday, not long after I inadvertently mentioned the arrests of Fu Zhenhua and his entire family, my phone rang. (Someone) made two phone calls and asked, “Why did you talk about Fu Zhenhua? We had a tacit understanding that he would not talk about you and you should never talk about him. Fu promised he would never be hostile to you, and you both have kept your promises for almost two years. Why did you talk about him yesterday?” He added, “Yesterday, the leaders of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee, the leaders of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, heard that Fu Zhenhua was arrested. He was arrested by the army! It is said that Fu Zhenhua was required to come out in front of the public to show his face. Why? In order to maintain the “absolute authority” of the central government! What is “absolute authority”? Fu Zhenhua helped the CCP arrest, kill and wrongly accuse many people in the past, he couldn’t be arrested. Because the evil things he had done were all for “the top cadres”. If the public knew that he was secretly arrested, no one would be willing to do the dirty work for the CCP anymore!

So, with “biting dogs” the owners (top Cadres) have to feed them bones (as rewards) regularly. I don’t think it’s possible for(the owners)to kill “biting dogs” in public. No way! So “the top” (Cadres) had to force Fu Zhenhua to continue perform in public. The caller said, “Wengui, can you stop talking about Fu Zhenhua?”

Brothers and sisters, our “Whistleblower Movement”, by proclaiming “reveal the truth”, has proven its ability to cause HNA’s bankruptcy;to cause Wang Jian’s death;to cause Sun Lijun’s arrest;to cause Wu Zheng to be almost finished. I guess Yang Lan has lost her ability to “find keys”. Wang Qishan might be the only “living thing” left!

So, our “whistleblower movement” …… (“snap,snap,snap” ,Miles claps his hands three times). Yesterday, Don Ping and King William asked me the question on behalf of our fellow fighters: “Brother 7, can you tell us the meaning of these ‘three-claps’ you always do?”  I jokingly replied: “this means that Guo Wengui can only have sex for three seconds”. Three seconds! Do you fellows believe it? “Guo ~ three ~ seconds”, oops, so funny!

There is still a lot to say, including the battle which Trump is involved in for the US…… So interesting! Oh, very happy! 

Many of our fellow fighters sent me messages. (If I) fail to reply in time, please don’t mind. Brother 7 (has) too many things (to deal with). This afternoon, I’m going to have four very important meetings which are all about making some incredible changes to our GTV, G-News, and Getter. You’ll see! That’s all I would like to share with you today.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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