The CCP Must Have the Antidote; A War with the CCP Is Unavoidable

In his Getter broadcast on February 6, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo mentioned the recent turbulence in the world’s economy and politics, as well as the “fear of the CCP” effect arising after the Myanmar coup in Asia. In the meantime, a variety of new economy and financial tools are emerging in Manhattan, the world’s economy centre. Mr. Guo also said that if the Biden government leans toward the CCP economy, then the CCP’s fraud, over-issued currency, and their BGY in the financial field globally, will bring a catastrophic strike to the economy. In order to obtain the antidote, the world will have a huge contest with the CCP in terms of politics, diplomacy and finance, which could end up in war. Whether it is an economic war or kinetic war, it will be unavoidable.

Dear brothers-in-arms, I am broadcasting from Central Park in New York City right now. There are lots of people in Central Park today. The majority of people are wearing a mask, but there are still people not wearing masks. They’re with their family on a hill at the Freedom Plaza. It looks like the freedom in America has come to an end now. 

Although it still is the weekend, from yesterday till today, everybody has seen the turbulence in the world’s economy and politics, followed by the so-called impeachment of President Trump next week, all bringing different uncertain factors to the market. Particularly In Asia, due to the “fear of the CCP” effect arising in Asia after the Myanmar coup, everyone is scared of the CCP. And there is the uncertainty in the economy. The uncertainty that the CCP virus brings to the economic market and financial market of the whole world this year and next year has been fermented in the financial market.

The whole financial sector has been crazy in the last few days, especially yesterday on Friday when you saw several changes that had never occurred in the financial market in the western world. Strictly speaking, this state of lacking confidence is much worse than before January 20. In particular, people are more fearful of the CCP’s finance and economy, because the CCP does not only want to produce viruses and export revolution, but also promote the CCP economy, based on the CCP’s standards, to the whole world. Therefore, from yesterday till today, all the American giants, the foundation giants, including those that can drain the swamp, are thinking about what would happen with the impeachment of President Trump next week.

I heard that the CCP will carry out a series of economic measures next week and that they will announce a series of policies for the US and Europe. These all bring huge uncertainties to the market. The world is changing every minute. Politics and economy both exist in uncertainty. Nothing is certain. In this circumstance, of course, opportunists and some giants of the swampland are all trying to cut their chives as soon as possible, and they are doing it harder and faster. So, you see Manhattan is like a dead city now. Manhattan is the economic center of the world, and if Manhattan is like this, what would other places be like? They can’t be good.

However, in this situation, a variety of innovative economies and financial tools are emerging in the New York City and Manhattan. The emergence of all these financial tools are around virtual currency, digital currency and digital economy. With the emergence of any new form of currency or finance, there will be a large number of fraud cases, on a global scale, regional scale or local scale. So, everyone should be careful about this. 

In addition, this is absolutely a new era where interests, assets, and wealth will be re-distributed. We must take this opportunity. It is said that Facebook’s virtual currency Libra and SWIFT of the US will announce major policy changes. In the meantime, I heard…I heard that those who supported President Biden in the past and those who supported President Trump in the past have reached agreement in some areas. That is within the next two to three years, they will change the digital economy, virtual economy, especially what the Wall Street cares about the most – the large debt that is about to explode, into a new financial lever, a new financial model, and let it survive. They have reached a consensus in this aspect. As soon as this consensus is reached, I believe that the American financial market, Wall Street, will be like a roller coaster, because any economy that has colluded with the CCP and is based on the standard of the CCP economy definitely won’t last long and is definitely fake. 

Therefore, when the new Biden administration will possibly ease its relationship with the CCP now, the whole world is leaning toward the CCP economy. Once they lean toward the CCP economy, the CCP’s fraud, over-issued currency, and their BGY in the financial field globally, will be a catastrophic strike to the economy. And not only this, from yesterday till today, and in the last two to three days, the infection rate of the virus declined worldwide, while the death rate increased, which brought a pinch of hope. People think the virus might come to an end, and many of them plan to do some brave things. 

It would be the greatest blessing of mankind if the virus could be controlled. However, the economists, the intelligent people, and the elites worldwide know that the CCP must have the antidote. This mental state of believing that the CCP has the antidote is widespread among the politicians, economists, and financiers. They believe that the CCP will bring the antidote to everyone. It would be a blessing to mankind if the CCP could bring out the antidote, and then the world economy will have a big burst, big recovery and big development. We hope so, hope so.

But how does the world get the antidote from the CCP? What’s the price? This will be interesting. They could either buy it or use force. Once it is confirmed that the CCP has the antidote or unsuccessful vaccines, and the CCP does not want to give them out, a war will be unavoidable. If they give the antidote, then it becomes certain that the CCP made the bioweapon. Then the war with the CCP, whether it is an economic war or kinetic war, is also unavoidable. Whichever way, it looks like that there will be a huge contest with the CCP in terms of politics, diplomacy and finance, which could end up in war. This is where we are at for now. That’s all from me, brothers-in-arms.

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