We Will Continue to Take Down The CCP

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As the dust settles on the U.S. election, most of our comrades are having a hard time calming down. This sentiment is understandable, however we should also recognize that this is not the end of our hope.
Whether Biden is elected or Trump is re-elected, it is not our ultimate goal.
The destruction of China Communist Party (CCP) is our ultimate goal, and it appears that the tide of the CCP destruction has been formed.

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At the international level, the former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially declared China as having “committed ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity” against the Uighur people. It is a sledgehammer hit at CCP on the last day of theTrump administration’s.
Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, John Blinken, agreed with Pompeo’s statement, stressing he would continue with the policy after taking office, and the U.S. government would lead or urge other Western countries to take similar actions.
Domestically, just after New Year’s Day, a super cold front swept through Communist China, with temperatures plummeting everywhere while virus pandemic was worsening in many places at the same time.
The situation has completely disrupted the festive atmosphere and the “internal cycle” (which means an economy powered by domestic demand) that the Communist authorities were counting on for the Chinese New Year.
All aspects of livelihood, consumer demand, transportation, and energy supply are in deep trouble due to the double blow of the cold snap and the epidemic. In Hebei, the retail price of lowest grade rice in general rose from 2.42 yuan to 3.5 yuan per catty (Chinese pound).
As of January 15, the average retail price of eggs in the main producing areas rose to 5.00 yuan per catty, up 1.02 yuan per catty cumulatively from the beginning of the month, representing a cumulative increase of 25.63%.
Vegetable prices are also skyrocketing everywhere. “What’s scarier than the epidemic is the price of goods,” some netizens cried about the sharp increase in vegetable prices.
While the pandemic continues to rage in multiple areas including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong, Hubei, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other 24 provinces, the authority had to promote “staycation” and ban “non-essential travel”.
The situation this year is exactly in line with the good old Chinese saying: New Year’s Eve is like passing through border custom checks. The Chinese Communist Party is afraid that it has to pass through the gate of hell this year.
In a nutshell, all the comrades do not have to feel sad. As Mr Miles Guo said in his Getter post on January 22, “Our pursuit is: action, dedication, selflessness, no ego, all on our own.”
Our strategy and tactic include partnering with the United States to destroy the CCP, and taking advantage of internal fights within the CCP to destroy the CCP. In the end, the Whistleblower movement and the New Federation State of China will end the Chinese Communist Party, the devil ruling in China. Let’s roll, comrades!

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