[Covid Origin] Genetic Characteristics of SARS-CoV Suggest Unnatural Origin

Co-authors: cosmo; Femaru  | Reviewer: Rica Machioni

Page 167 of the CCP military textbook, “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon”, published by the Chinese Military Medical Science Press (CMMSP) more than five years ago, was already suggesting that SARS-CoV came from unnatural origin based on its genetic characteristics.

Below is an excerpt from page 167:

P167, “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon”

[Translation of the above text]:

“It is noteworthy that right after the SARS-CoV gene sequence was published, a world-renowned coronavirus expert raised some important concerns, two of which are related to the sequence itself. First, the SARS-CoV virus contains neither the gene of hemagglutinin-acetylesterase glycoprotein (HE) mentioned in the above discussion nor any of the large genes from cells of hosts or other viruses.  Despite the lack of further explanation from the virology expert, it is not difficult to speculate that the specific structure of the SARS-CoV may enable it to acquire or lose a specific function; second, it was totally unexpected that the SARS-CoV virus was genetically sequenced so quickly. Both of these concerns indicated that SARS-CoV has unique features beyond scholars’ expectations due to its unprecedented special sequence composition. In light of these two concerns, we cannot exclude the possibility that SARS-CoV may have originated from an unusual source. In any case, the discovery from this expert should be under close scrutiny by molecular virologists.”

[Authors’ Comment]:

Except for SARS-like types, coronaviruses contain Hemagglutinin-acetylesterase glycoprotein (HE) that can work with the Spike Protein (S Protein) to infect host cells. The absence of HE protein in SARS-CoV places the burden of infectivity solely on S protein, which may be an adaptation mechanism of SARS-CoV to the human respiratory tract environment.

This adaptation suggests that SARS-CoV has already entered into the environment of humans or the close relatives of humans and adapted itself in the evolutionary process. According to the rules of virology, if evolution is natural, viruses will be more or less imprinted with gene marks from their past hosts. But SARS-CoV has no gene marks from other viruses or hosts. This a contradictory point, unexplainable with the natural evolutionary theory. In addition, the coronavirus genomes are among the largest RNA molecules known to biology, and it should be time-consuming to detect correctly the whole sequence, especially with decade-old technologies, so the quick sequencing speed was really unprecedented. Maybe it was because whoever was able to sequence the SARS-CoV virus had full knowledge of the make-up of this virus.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claimed SARS-CoV originated naturally from civets, but the above mentioned two concerns about the virus have made the civet’s role in SARS-CoV weak and unpersuasive. On the surface, the last sentence of the paragraph in this textbook call for subsequent more research on all unnatural traces in the SARS-CoV gene sequence, but the underlined message is:  more care should be taken to develop a superbly artificial and unrestricted bioweapon virus in the future (now known as COVID-19), so that no more man-made signs will be detected by other scientists. Now, in the year of 2021, the flaws in SARS-CoV revealed in PLA’s textbook ought to have served as a warning.

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