Lude Times Brief 2021.02.19 Evening:Dr. Yan released emails exposing the relationship between Peter Daszak and Malik Peiris

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Perseverance rover released a panoramic HD video with sound

The Perseverance rover sent a 26-second video from Mars today. It is a panoramic high-definition video with sound. It is the first time we have heard the sound from Mars. This is an epoch-making event. The Perseverance rover is very large, weighing more than 1 ton, about the same size as a small family car. Its cameras and detection instruments are very advanced, equipped with a number of sensors. Moreover, during the landing of Perseverance, the rocket’s reverse propulsion device took a picture of hanging under the reverse propulsion rocket. This is the first time in history.

Dr. Yan released emails exposing the relationship between Peter Daszak and Malik Peiris

Dr. Yan tweeted an email exposing Peter and Malik’s relationship. Peter Daszak, an expert sent by WHO to the Communist China, wrote the email to a relatively well-known academician, Rita Colwell. The content is to let Rita Colwell help him to nominate to be a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the letter mentions that he has got the support of George Gao and Malik Peiris. The core here is to expose the close relationship between Peter, Malik and George Gao. This email validates the importance of the Hong Kong University laboratory. Malik Peiris, the head of the Hong Kong University laboratory, is the central figure in the CCP’s unrestricted bioweapon war. Because George Gao and Shi Zhengli were recommended by Malik, now even Peter needs Malik’s recommendation. As Dr. Yan Limeng’s husband is Malik’s most relied on disciple and assistant, Now the CCP is very afraid of the material not released from Dr. Yan’s hands. Dr. Yan also helped Malik to do a lot of core work and had access to a lot of important information. Previously, Dr. Yan only provided scientific evidence, and would provide more intelligence evidence later.

The CCP uses the racial differences to launch the “Extermination Plan”

Located in South Asia, Sri Lanka also has a caste system. The inequality of social classes made Malik’s personality distorted, so he was used by the CCP. Class struggle is a common method used by the CCP. In the past, people in the same village were in harmony. It was a common phenomenon for the rich to help the poor. However, the CCP divided people into classes such as landlords, rich peasants, and middle peasants, and then provoked struggles among all classes. Internationally, the CCP has provoked a struggle for racial differences and directed the spearhead of people of color at whites.

Each of us must spread the truth to wake up the whole world

Japan invaded the three eastern provinces of China in 1931, and in 1937 Japan fully invaded China. But Chiang Kai-shek did not declare war on Japan until the United States declared war on Japan in 1941. It is because the party that takes the lead in declaring war is subject to enormous pressure of international public opinion and worldwide sanctions. After the Japanese invaded the three eastern provinces, they created many illusions of the common prosperity of Greater East Asia to deceive the outside world, so the Western world was slow to wake up, which led to Soong Mei-ling to lobby the U.S. Congress. The world is now being deceived and ravaged by the CCP without realizing it. It is up to each of us to take action to wake up the world.

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