Wang Yi Urges the Biden Administration to Achieve “Three Abandonments”

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Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Feb 21, 2021:

• After Biden-Xi’s call on February 10, Vice Foreign Minister of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Wang Yi first talked about China-US relations, urging the Biden administration to achieve “three abandonments.”

o Wang Yi demanded that the U.S. needs to quickly adjust its current policies, including:

  1. Abandoning imposing unreasonable tariffs on Chinese products,
  2. Abandoning various unilateral sanctions on Chinese enterprises and scientific research, and educational institutions, and
  3. Abandoning unreasonable suppression of China’s scientific and technological progress

o Wang Yi suggested pushing Sino-US relations back on track so that Xi’s China can continue to plunder American wealth and technology.

o Wang Yi warned Biden should follow the direction of the Chinese New Year’s Eve conversation with Xi Jinping and accurately understand CCP’s policy intentions. Biden has been in office for a month without any real help to Xi. Wang Yi is now threatening Biden on behalf of Xi. If Biden doesn’t follow Xi’s orders, the CCP will probably reveal the kompromat of Biden family.

• The CCP has resumed its attacks on Dr. Yan Limeng on Twitter.

o The Whistleblower Movement (WM) warriors must act to fight back.

• This unrestricted warfare waged by the CCP is a perfect crime that has been planned for years.

o The WM movement and Dr. Yan must speed to establish the theoretical foundation of CCP’s War 5.0 and eventually convict the CCP under the law.

• The Zhoushan bat backbone used for the creation of CCP virus was modified by 10%. Also, the CCP has been working on neurotropic viruses for years, and it appears that they have implanted these genomes into the CCP virus. Dr. Yan’s next report will focus on these issues.

o However, if we don’t wipe out the CCP, they will keep unleashing new viruses, even if Dr. Yan can decrypt SARS-CoV-2

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