Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on February 20th, 2021

Translators: RD16, GodCountryFamily, Renyi (MOS Himalaya)
Proofreader: Rica Machioni (MOS Himalaya)
Chinese Transcriber: Dan Dan (Rome DaVinci Himalaya)
369 Wenju (MOS Himalaya)
Chinese Proofreader: GForever  (MOS Himalaya)

1. [00:10:40] Yesterday I made a proposal – we should no longer let our fellow fighters sleep and eat outdoors in order to PK (fight) against Nine-Fingered Goblin [Sara]. I am 100% confident that Nine-Fingered Goblin, “Turtle-head Yang” (aka, Chen Qisheng) and the like will all be thrown into jail.  I proposed to the Alliance Committee that as a one-time collective solution, we will take over all the responsibility of pursuing the money that VOG and the Phoenix Farm have previously swindled; Brother-Seven [Miles] and the Alliance Committee will buy up the sum of the Loan Project from Brothers-in-arms (BIAs); and we will take Nine-Fingered Goblin, etc. to the cleaners for you; but you all will have to cooperate with us. 

2. [00:17:30] I had lived an unordinary life for so many years until I started the Whistleblower Movement (WM). Since then, I have been living an ordinary life with our fellow fighters. It is a quite happy life.  More younger people are joining our fight.  Those born in the 2000s are very mature. A common phenomenon among Chinese men is that they think courageously but act cowardly. They are giants in words but dwarfs in action.

3. [00:25:30] During the pandemic, our fellow fighter from Japan took a flight to the United States and personally delivered to us the abalones and sea cucumbers that we needed as gifts.  He also participated in the big parade in Washington D.C. I was greatly touched. He was the only person with whom I shared a meal face to face during the epidemic.  The best abalones cost 20,000 U.S. dollars each; the average ones cost 5,000 U.S. dollars each; the best sea cucumbers cost 500-700 U.S. dollars, and the average sea cucumbers cost 200 to 300 U.S. dollars.

4. [00:32:00] I would like to thank you all for your trust. Trust itself is a responsibility, and it is even more important than life itself. To honor one’s promise, to promise, to own up, to give or to pay up are all deemed Indispensable for any man, for any person with a kind heart. 

Since the dawn of the WM till this day, it has been proven by countless BIAs time and time again that we are determined in taking down the CCP, sincere in cherishing our BIAs, and that we believe in the trust and the contractual relationship that will mutually benefit everyone involved.

They covertly registered the company of VOG and took advantage of my trust in them and the mutually understood agreement with them – they orchestrated long-term, organized, well-planned scams, frauds and criminal activities. Even in this situation, I still vouched for her. My mind was all on taking down the CCP and unifying our fellow fighters, but I neglected the negative effects of passing BIAs trusts on to others, which has caused harm to our BIAs. 

They were not given any authorization to vet the qualifications of the [potential] “chairs” [investors of the private placement]. She covertly requested thousands of people to send her money, which violated the US regulatory supervision laws, and a breach of the contract between me and her. She clandestinely expanded the total number of the investors and used fraudulent schemes to get our BIAs to send money to her, all the while hiding information from us and our attorneys for a long time. We have started both criminal and civil charges against her; a full-on investigation of her by the relevant authorities has begun!

5. [00:38:30]  I firmly believe that they did all these with complete premeditation. Forging documents and contracts, using false information in order to lure our BIAs to remit money to their personal accounts, then embezzling it. In order to obtain the funds remitted by the BIAs, they premeditatedly asked BIAs to write wills, cooperated with the CCP to frame BIAs who are currently in China, and even murdered them.  It is a grievous lesson; the Committee and I are willing to undertake the task on money to be returned to our BIAs and will certainly bring justice to you. The Alliance Committee is going to set up a specialized company to have the funds which the BIAs remitted to the “debts” projects in VOG and the Phoenix Farm transferred to this company. The Himalaya Alliance Committee will go on behalf of the BIAs to deal with the criminal lawsuits against Wei Lihong and others. I, and the Alliance Committee will undertake this task on the money that the fellow fighters remitted to VOG, the Phoenix farm, Maywind company, as well as the money other Himalaya Farms remitted to them under the Alliance Committee’s instruction. There is no chance to let anyone lose a single penny. The Alliance Committee will keep the promises and have all the associated benefit packages delivered as promised, please contact the Alliance Committee.

6.  [00:41:00]  Our BIAs need to do three things: First, you must unconditionally submit all VOG-related communications with the bank to your current Himalaya Farm. Second, regarding the documents that you need to sign, you must unconditionally cooperate and provide true personal background information. Third, in any future litigation, you must unconditionally cooperate by providing proof of your claims, provided that your personal safety is not being threatened. My BIAs, please carefully verify the future debt transfer documents. Everyone will get what they deserve. Please do not worry about legal disputes. Please do not go to Tucson and Phoenix anymore.  We must not only take down the CCP, but also live a dignified life. [It breaks my heart to see you suffer.] My fellow fighters, please contact your current Himalaya Farm.  The Alliances Committee is responsible for coordinating this matter.

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