The Neo-Nazi Weapon From The CCP Is Not A Virus But A Theory Of “Perfect Criminology” (Part 1)


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If such a report “Global Connectivity|Journalists have experienced a long cold night in the ‘energy capital’ of the U.S. and power outages” becomes the main news of Xinhua News Agency today, then “the implementation of the ‘patriots rule Hong Kong’ must ensure the safety of Hong Kong election” and  “To the whole world… Mutant viruses and vaccinations, Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, said it again!”  etc, what do such reports mean? These reports on Feb 19 (Beijing Time) remind me of the Vatican power outage reported by Lude Media on Jan 10. On second thoughts, the author doesn’t think a simple news summary can explain this problem. Why are the CCP media propaganda agencies interested in the above matters?  The deep-seated problem behind these seemingly natural events appeared in my eyes -the “Perfect Crime”.

  1. Overview of the Perfect Crime Problem

With the support of the perfect crime theory, the CCP successfully attacked the world. Now this ongoing unlimited biological warfare has perfectly marked the CCP as Nazis. Just like on Feb 16, the former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo tied the CCP’s genocid in Xinjiang with the situation in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The author proposed a view on the CCP neo-Nazi. For the old Nazi, it is the neo-Nazi. The CCP has made full use of all high-tech and the Internet to use unlimited biological and chemical weapons in peacetime, showing its boldness. Because they can use media propaganda agencies to hide their trace and make all disasters seem natural. The CCP almost perfectly replicated the SARS incident that happened in 2003, if without Dr. Limeng Yan,no one would suspect that the virus came from a laboratory. This is a form of crime that the old Nazis like Hitler cannot match, and its lethality is far greater than the power of thermonuclear weapons. As Dr. Yan said, “This CCP virus will exist for a long time, and will not disappear even in about half a century.” Based on these facts, the author believes that the CCP’s neo-Nazi weapons are not viruses but “perfect crime” theory. With the support of this crime theory, the CCP can arbitrarily carry out a variety of hunting plans and develop all kinds of ultra-conventional and extremely evil murder weapons. The typical example is the virus facing the world today as defined by Dr. Yan. As an unlimited biological weapon, it is not excessive.

Based on this theory, it can derive many seemingly natural and perfect criminal behaviors, such as the CCP virus – an unlimited biological weapons which can be marked as coming from nature through public opinion; for example the blackouts around the world, people are forced to believe that the fault is due to natural; for example the perfect theft of the 2020 U.S. election and other events; another example is the maintenance of global climate change, etc. The most typical ones are those who threaten the interests of the CCP or unpopular politicians or scientists, who are dying of heart disease (heart-happy death),cancer, CCP virus, etc. These various deaths look like nature. It is continuing to subvert the perception of human civilization and the peaceful order that mankind depends on. Human beings live imperceptibly in various chronic hunts created by the CCP, and die almost perfectly.

Nowadays, in Communist China, a popular movie “Chinatown Detective” perfectly demonstrates the perfect criminal psychology displayed by the CCP. I was good at writing movie reviews, but this article is not a movie review. It is just an excerpt from an Internet review called “Wuloudeliaowangzhe”. In this movie, “Detective Qin Feng’s goal is to achieve a perfect crime, and the perfect crime we have previously understood is a crime without any flaws. An explanation from someone in the play today makes me feel that there is another depth. …… Are the noble rich and capitalists who have committed the original sin committed the perfect crime? …… A perfect crime can be a crime without any flaws, or it can be all flaws that everyone knows, but no one can do anything about it.” This netizen basically understood the meaning of “Perfect Crime”. Just as it was apparently stolen in the U.S. election, the CCP virus is typically “full of flaws and everyone knows”, but it is considered legal or the facts are vague. But it cannot be ignored that the movie introduces the virtual “Q” to the international dark power organization. Therefore, the concept of Q has been widely spread on the Internet.

The reason why the author believes that perfect crime has become a systematic theory is because Japanese scholars have summarized that the basic criterion of perfect crime is “a crime that the public has not noticed or cannot arrest the prisoners”. The Japanese who created this theory have more explanation for perfect crime. He also gave the definition of this term, “if an incident is not accused as a crime, it should not be considered a perfect crime. For example, widespread political corruption is widespread in various countries. Because certain laws formulated by politicians, as long as there is room for legal interpretation, their behaviors even violate common sense are all legal. Governmental officials involved in corruption charges usually give a not guilty verdict, which is usually not considered a perfect crime. ” (See the “Perfect Crime” link below) The meaning of perfect crime mentioned by an anonymous Japanese scholar is that although it is against common sense, it is still legal……should not be regarded as a crime, “it should not be dubbed the name of the perfect crime”. This is much like the final ruling of the U.S. election on January 6, 2021, when Vice President Pence made a so-called legal ruling that seemed to be correct, leading to Joe Biden being elected president. However, based on the CCP’s reverse thinking, it can be determined that these are typical cases of perfect crimes, and is considered an accomplishment, isn’t it? This is why the author mentioned earlier that “the CCP’s neo-Nazi weapons” are not viruses but the theory of “perfect crime”. The CCP has been doing this for a long time, and they are really good at it. A few years ago, a kind of “legal but unreasonable” rhetoric flew around. This is the theoretical arm of the CCP to defend some unconstitutional cases. Because the CCP’s laws can be modified as needed, and morality can have no bottom line. Criticism of the CCP will gradually fade out over time. 

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Perfect Crime

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