Both Current and Former U.S. National Security Advisers Accuse Beijing of Lack of Transparency on Origins of CCP Virus

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Both the current and former U.S. national security advisers have said that the CCP government has not provided sufficient data for international efforts to investigate the origins of the CCP virus and that greater efforts by the U.S. intelligence community are necessary to address the virus pandemic, Voice of America reported Feb. 22.

The Biden administration is unable to determine exactly where the CCP virus originated, in part because the CCP government has not been transparent on the issue, Biden’s White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday (Feb. 21, 2021) on the CBS News program “Face The Nation. The World Health Organization still needs to do more to find out the exact source of the virus. He said the WHO is about to issue a report on the origins of the virus pandemic, but the U.S. has questions about it because “we don’t believe China(CCP) has provided sufficient raw data for the international community to explore how the pandemic spread in China and globally.”

“Face The Nation” also aired an interview with Matt Pottinger, former deputy national security adviser in the White House under the former Trump administration. Bomin also expressed doubts about the WHO’s report on the origin of the virus pandemic. China’s authoritarian rulers will not be transparent with health officials, he said, and while many questions have been raised about the origin of the CCP virus, WHO researchers are unlikely to have the answers.

The “Face The Nation” host asked Sullivan if he agreed with Bomin that the intelligence community needs to take on a more direct role in monitoring chemical and biological threats.

Sullivan replied, “Absolutely. We saw this in the CCP virus pandemic. Pandemics are one of the most serious threats to American lives and livelihoods, so the intelligence community should use their tools, resources and methods to focus on surveillance, prevention and response to the virus. The Biden administration will do just that.”

Source: VOA

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