【Voice of the Deplorables】 Fertility Rate Sharply Dropped under CCP, Chinese Can’t Afford to Bear or Die

【Author】 Xiaoyan 【Translation】Mi John

On February 18, 2021, the National Health Commission of the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) responded to the “Recommendations on Resolving the Problem of Population Decline in the Northeast Region” and proposed a pilot program for comprehensively liberalizing birth restrictions in the Northeast region. Subsequently, Lu Jiehua, the vice president of the Demographic Society of the CCP, predicted that the most likely two options for the next policy adjustment were to open the three children policy or to “full liberalization.” The reply requested the Northeast region to in-depth study and assess the impact of comprehensive liberalization of birth restrictions on local economic growth, social harmony and stability, resource and environmental strategies, and basic public services.

In recent years, the CCP is particularly worried about the decline in the fertility rate of the common people. The CCP originally thought that by lifting the second-child restriction, they would usher in a birth peak again; Instead, they encountered a birth cliff. To increase the fertility rate, the CCP government has been using various methods and policies to brainwash the people.

  • December 28, 2013, the CCP implemented the special two-child policy.
  • January 1, 2016, the CCP opened the comprehensive two-child policy.
  • December 30, 2019, the CCP media began to promote coordinated efforts among the individuals, the societies, and guide young people to establish a so called “correct view of love and marriage.”
  • October 25, 2020, the so-called expert, Ren Zeping from CCP-owned company Evergrande, proposed to gradually promote the liberalization of the three children policy.
  • Recently, Wu Xiuming, deputy secretary-general of the Shanxi Think Tank Development Association, suggested that “leftover” single men in rural areas receive training and “be exported” to industries and regions where women are concentrated.
Hukou: a system of household registration used in mainland China

For a while, the issue of fertility has become the focus of discussion among the common Chinese people. The truth is that the so-called experts, professors, and senior government officials of the Chinese Communist government never seemed to care so much about the people’s livelihood. At the same time,  a lot of ordinary people worried about the real social problems such as whether or not they can afford to raise children. 

The issue of fertility affects the pockets of the CCP’s senior officials. On the surface, the so-called experts, professors, and scholars of the CCP seem to be heart-broken for those unmarried and infertile people. Without delving into the reasons behind, people can hardly understand why the CCP cannot wait to “precisely breed” all people in accordance with the standards of “precisely alleviate poverty”. The CCP almost put into effect a lottery kind of enactment for the nation’s youth of the right age to be matched. With a desire to maintain a certain level of population, the CCP hopes that this population can continue generating sufficient profit for its top families. If the newborn population is dwindling, there will be a shortage of workers who are considered as a resource. The CCP needs mass consumption. Now the Chinese population is seriously aging,  a new population is considered as “new leeks” in the field. They are expected to pick up the high prices for stocks, to pay for the pensions, and to provide cheap labors, etc. What do you think that the CCP shall harvest with their sickle just like what you see on its party flag? Obviously, the dividends from these “new leeks”!

All the top CCP families rack their brains every day are about how to squeeze the last drop of value from their common people.

Starting from the ’50s, the so-called “planned infertility” gradually became the CCP’s national family planning policy in the ’70s.  Back then, countless fetuses were murdered, and their mothers were humiliated. The policy has caused today’s result of the population’s decline! Shouldn’t the CCP be celebrating what it wanted? It seems that I could still hear the slogan of family planning in my ears today. The CCP governs the country without considering the laws of social development nor the people’s will. The Chinese people have to obey the CCP’s rule. The CCP not only wants to control heaven and hell but also wants to control the genitals of its people!

A CCP banner in china: Miscarriage is OK! Abortion is OK! But Birth is NOT OK!

Most Chinese families enjoy having many children traditionally. However, the Chinese people’s basic human right of giving birth is strictly regulated and even taken away by their government. Therefore, people lost their privilege of enjoying this tradition. To be  even worse, the children have to drink tainted milk powder, receive shots of fake vaccines;  be brainwashed politically at school, obey by obliterating their own personalities; be taught to hate countries like the United States, Japan, etc due to their democratic systems. Children grew up breathing the toxic smog air every day, eating foods cooked by the waste oil, and drinking beverages with excessive sugar. After joining the workforce, they have to work long hours although being underpaid. The heavy workload make them exhausted physically and mentally, then end up with being sick or sometimes even sudden death. Keeping alive in CCP controlled’s China has already become a very luxurious thing. Is this the life we ​​are about to bring to our children and push them into the fire pit in the future. Please keep in mind, our children are only the tools in the mind of the CCP. How can we bear to let our next generation live in such a world? Of course, we don’t!

One of the disabled children victimized by vaccine in CCP controlled China.

【Editor】杰喜拉雅 Summer


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10 days ago

In CCP China, you cannot decide how many children you have; you need to go with the policy. if you don’t want to, too bad you would be in big trouble

10 days ago

As a mom , my heart is broken 😞 to read this article! There is no human right in China where still controlled by evil CCP .

10 days ago

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