Chinese official “leaked” epidemic number of 100K, report removed later


Yang Yunyan, deputy governor of Hubei Province, said publicly that 100,000 beds should be prepared for the epidemic in the evening on Jan 27. But this report was deleted three hours later.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has so far reported more than 2,000 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus, but the outside world has been highly skeptical about these official numbers and suspected the CCP of concealing the severity of Wuhan epidemic.

Recently, Yang Yunyan, deputy governor of Hubei Province, stated publicly that 100,000 beds should be prepared for the epidemic. This made the public wonder if the real number of infected cases is around 100K. The Chinese Media began to delete related reports as soon as it was published.

Wuhan the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, where the first few cases were found, is located in Hubei province.

According to Chinese state media:

On the evening of Monday (27th) Beijing time, Yang Yunyan said at the Hubei Provincial Government’s epidemic conference that Hubei is accelerating the deployment of beds and designated hospitals in response to the epidemic. The province has identified 112 designated hospitals and medical institutions to treat infected patients with nearly 100,000 beds. Among them, phase one involves 7 designated hospitals with over 3,000 beds. It will also mobilize 24 medical institutions in batches to gradually free up beds.

After the initial report was published, it was quickly forwarded by many news outlets within China. But just three hours later, the original Chinese news report was deleted. Chinese mainland news websites like Sina, China Business News, and Oriental also deleted the report. It was suspected to be in violation of “maintaining stability”.

The original report was still searchable on Google, but the page is blank after clicking on the link, showing that the article has been deleted.

A few days ago, the Chinese supreme leader requested to strengthen the “prevention and control of epidemic situation”, and the Chinese state media also put out a “high-profile” public show saying that those who concealed the epidemic situation would be “pinned to the pillar of shame in history”. But the top leaders of China also ordered to “stabilize public opinion.” How to balance between truth and stability is still challenging the “political sense of smell” of the CCP officials at all levels.

Currently, the Chinese Communist Party has officially reported over 2,000 confirmed cases across the country. However, a number of local doctors in Wuhan have disclosed internal information via social media about a rough estimate of at least 100,000 people in Wuhan having been infected. On the internet, news of the out-of-control outbreak and the large number of deaths among patients is spreading.

On January 23, four British infectious disease biologists who have been closely following the Wuhan epidemic published a report stating that the number of infected people in Wuhan is expected to exceed 250,000 in the next two weeks. Other cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and Chengdu will also be hit by mass outbreak.

Click here to see: Dynamic outbreak map (the number coming from China is questionable)

Click here to see Research pager from England.

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