[Focus] CCP Virus Vaccine May Cause Cardiovascular and Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Abstract: This article shares two recent studies revealing the potential of the CCP virus vaccine[1] to cause cardiovascular diseases such as pulmonary hypertension, coronary heart disease, hypertension and stroke, and to induce prion infections leading to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  It concludes by pointing out that vaccine manufacturers’ full immunity from liability for any vaccine side effects is one of the main reasons why the facts about hydroxychloroquine and the true origin of the CCP virus are suppressed by the governments and media.

When it comes to the administration of medication, both my university professors, and senior mentors at hospitals taught me a golden-rule based on their years of practice, that is, if the effects and side effects of an old drug are similar to those of a new drug, the old drug is almost always preferred.  This is because throughout history of medicine, there were many instances where new implications were discovered only after new drugs had been used for a certain period, such as changes in indications and sometimes even serious harm, leading to the eventual withdrawal of approval for the drug.  Even many popular drugs ranked high in the sales charts had negative retrospective studies published revealing their serious long-term side effects after they have been widely used for several years.  That’s why experienced doctors tend to give preference to older drugs, which are safer because their predecessors know more about their efficacy and side effects and have gone through the refinement and elimination of time.  Since this is the practice with drugs, it should certainly be more of the case for vaccines.  As we all know that vaccines are to be injected into healthy people, therefore their safety standards ought to be even higher than those required for the drugs.

However, even though hydroxychloroquine(HCQ)is a drug that is well over half a century old, and it works just like a vaccine (even more effective than a vaccine in terms of prevention, as virus mutations do not affect its preventive effect), sadly, to date, HCQ is still banned in many countries, including Australia, for prevention and treatment of the CCP virus infection.  In contrast, the CCP virus vaccine was developed within less than a year, the quickest vaccine ever being developed, and has already been approved for mass vaccination worldwide although the approval was only provisional due to lack of clinical studies on the long-term side effects.   And insofar, the evidence from clinical studies on the effectiveness of the CCP virus vaccine is no match for HCQ, let alone safety.  Below I share two recently published studies on the potentially serious long-term side effects of the vaccine.

The first study [1] was published in January this year in Vaccine, which pointed out that the spike protein of the CCP virus, which is the key to the vaccine, may also affect the human cells.  Recent studies have observed that the spike protein itself is sufficient to trigger cell signaling and may result in the pathogenesis of certain diseases. The authors experimentally studied the action of spike protein on lung vascular cells, deducing that they can induce pulmonary hypertension, and suggest that spike protein may also induce coronary heart disease, hypertension, and stroke, as the same molecular biological mechanism may affect other tissues and organs.  The authors concluded that the long-term consequences of vaccines need to be considered carefully, especially when used in healthy people or young adults and children.

The second study [2] was published in January in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases under the title “COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease”.  Prions are misfolded proteins that replicate like viruses and can cause neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  The authors described a range of features in the RNA of the vaccine that could trigger the production of prions and suggest that if the CCP virus is a biological weapon, it is not excluded that these features were deliberately designed into the spike protein.

The discussion section of this paper made specific reference to the issue of autoimmunity. The authors stated that vaccines are known to induce autoimmune diseases and metabolic syndromes (such as type 1 diabetes).  CCP viral infections can themselves induce autoimmune antibodies and autoimmune diseases, making it even easier for CCP virus vaccines to induce autoimmunity.  One study found that the amino acid sequence of a segment of the spike protein is identical to that found in human tissues, including those of the central nervous system.  This may explain why the CCP virus can induce autoimmunity, and the same applies to vaccines, where the active ingredient is the spike protein.

In my previous article [3] titled If “Herd Immunity” Doesn’t Work, Will Vaccines Do?, I explained that the immunity generated by the natural course of infection with the CCP virus does little to prevent secondary infections and inhibit the spread of the virus, and sometimes the secondary infections are even worse.  Although vaccine manufacturers claimed that their vaccines can stimulate stronger immunity than natural infection, this is inconsistent to the established understanding within the medical community.  Do the vaccine manufacturers’ experimental data truly reflect clinical reality?  Is it possible that the vaccine could have the opposite effect, i.e., exacerbating the disease as in the case of a more severe secondary infection? Only time will tell.

Motivation for misinformation: Money and Greed

As mentioned above, from the potential pathogenic effects of the spike protein themselves, to autoimmunity, to questions about effectiveness, and even the risk to induce an overreaction of the immune system that would exacerbate the disease rather than protect it?  Even with these issues lingering, the CCP virus vaccine still managed to achieve a “great leap forward” from its initial development, to testing and approval and even mass vaccination within less than one year.  Such an unprecedented process should no doubt be subject to controversy, criticism and accountability one would assume.   However, from the government to the mainstream media, there was hardly any line of questioning or criticism, but only a hail of praise.  And in the meantime, the truth about the genuine preventive effect of HCQ and the vital fact that the CCP virus is a biological weapon were continually being suppressed by the mainstream media and governments.

Besides the CCP’s control over the media as part of its unrestricted biological warfare program, the vaccine manufacturers’ full immunity from product liability is also a key factor attributable to the misinformation phenomenon.  The compensation for the side effects of vaccines is borne entirely by the taxpayers.  Why is this the case?  Because the vaccine manufacturers claimed that the use of their vaccine is for the benefit of society, they should not be held financially accountable for any consequences arising out of any vaccine reaction.  This type of legal arrangement has long been accepted in many countries [4].  This deemed the production of vaccines a massive, lucrative deal with guaranteed profit.  As a result, no vaccine manufacturer would genuinely care to examine how serious the side effects of vaccines are, what the incidence is, or even the effectiveness of the vaccines and so on.  All they need is to convince the regulators with impressive data and manage the media’s narrative, and money is secured.

When tens of billions of dollars’ worth of the vaccine industry is at stake, the inexpensive HCQ surely would be pushed aside somehow.  If HCQ is made widely available, not only will it be the deal breaker for the CCP virus vaccine manufacturers, but the expensive therapeutic drug market will also diminish.  The truth about the biological weapons being the source of the CCP virus must likewise be suppressed.  Because once the ordinary people learn about that, they will no longer support their governments in making big vaccine orders.  Even common folks without professional knowledge would understand that if we cannot unravel the secrets of the biological weapons laboratory, how can we ever develop an effective and safe vaccine?  And even if vaccines magically worked in this instance, how could we defend ourselves from the future rounds of bio-weapon attacks?   Then that will be the end of tens of billions of dollars in vaccine business for the vaccine manufacturers.  It is driven by these interests, money and greed, disinformation continues to prevail in our media today.  Whilst, the simple truth, which concerns the health of every individual and essentially a matter of life and death of all mankind, is conveniently suppressed.

A great awakening is coming

Despite the prevalence of disinformation, people are slowly waking up, with a December 2020 poll [5] showing a 10% drop in the proportion of Australians willing to vaccinate against the CCP virus (compared to April 2020) and a 5% increase in those unwilling to do so.  Although to date, it seems that only 12% are awakened, the truth will gradually be uncovered and eventually humanity will have to face the inescapable reality, that is, the only means to defeat the pandemic and prevent the next bio-weapon attack is to take down the CCP.  There is simply no other way!

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[1] CCP virus is also known as COVID-19 virus, or SARS-CoV-2 virus which is a bioweapon made by the CCP (Chinese communist party).  Hence, the term “CCP virus vaccine”.

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