The Consequence of the Centralization of Currency by the CCP

In the Getter video posted on February 8, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo analyzed the reason for the great fluctuation in the price of Bitcoin lately, “This is due to the extreme panic about the CCP’s domestic economy caused by the CCP’s centralization of its virtual currencies while asking the rest of the world to decentralize their currencies… so the CCP members are facing the biggest threat. Therefore, this panic will inevitably cause them to transfer their wealth overseas by any means possible.”

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From yesterday till now, our fellow fighters in Washington D.C. have said that Xi [Jinping] in the Zhongnan Pit had given an order that they must firmly grasp this opportunity during the Chinese New Year to restore and normalize the Sino-US relation, and also make Biden greet Xi a happy new year. It seems that the “three hard drives” have worked, the three hard drives. So brothers and sisters-in-arms, the so-called Spring Festival diplomacy between the U.S. and China is about to begin, so let’s wait and see. 

Also, the price of Bitcoin has been fluctuating greatly the last couple of days. People should realize that this is what Miles said two or three days ago: this is due to the extreme panic about the CCP’s domestic economy caused by the CCP’s centralization of its virtual currencies while asking the rest of the world to decentralize their currencies. Make no mistake, not all of the money of the CCP members’ is dirty money or corrupt money. There is money which is legal income from their work. But the CCP believes that everything belongs to the Party, everything must be at the Party’s will, and all your money is illegal, so the CCP members are facing the biggest threat. Therefore, this panic will inevitably cause them to transfer their wealth overseas by any means possible.

This is called the “spillover effect” or the “sudden external force effect”. In the economics theory, that means when a big rock is suddenly thrown into a toilet full of water, the water will splash out rather than flow out. When there is panic or sudden external force, you will not be able to control where the water [or money] will go to. This is a phenomenon not under normal conditions.

That’s why I said that the European antiques, the Japanese antiques, and some Japanese real estate in good locations [are in high demand]. Actually, the Japanese economy is collapsing around the time of the Olympics, and Japan’s quantitative easing (QE) is crazy, with the QE money all being invested abroad, so Japan’s real estate is bound to collapse in the future. That being said, a huge amount of money [from the CCP] is pouring in [the Japanese real estate]. Previously, people bought properties in Hong Kong, now people buy properties in Europe. London’s economy will not be good in the future, but its housing market is hot. Why? It is caused by the CCP’s absolute centralization [of its currency]. The insiders in the CCP have known this, so they are moving their money overseas as quickly as they can. This “spillover effect” will lead to catastrophic results to the CCP’s economy. It is already on the edge of collapsing and is a completely fake economy only supported by fake data. And at this point, the vast majority of China’s wealth, 70 to 80% of which is in the hands of CCP members, is spilling out.

Moreover, virtual currency and digital currency are the two forms of future currencies. The competition has begun between the absolutely decentralized commercial, virtual currency and the absolutely centralized state-endorsed currency. Ultimately, the decentralized currency will win because of its security, privacy, and the fact that it cannot be manipulated by anyone. The CCP has definitely opened the Pandora’s Box of the financial world.

Do you guys know what else will happen after you see the rising prices in the antique and real estate markets? After they finish buying houses and antiques, they will send more family members overseas! What is this called in China? Not only decentralization, but also the escape of the elites. It is the uprooting of multiple generations of elites.

Well, it seems that over the past few days, all humanity in this world are thinking about the virus problem and looking for its real source. Now everyone has known that the virus is the CCP’s weapon. Starting from today, February 8th, in Washington, D.C., a real political battle within America will begin, which might even lead to a civil war, so let’s wait and see.

The world has no choice but to unite and take down the CCP, and those in the Communist Party who hope to protect their wealth – let’s first talk about their legal wealth and the future of their offsprings – will have no other choice. The consequence of the CCP centralizing all of you is not the panic of the common people. Rather, you [the CCP members] are panicked. Your offspring will never escape the evil CCP’s machine, are you willing to accept that?

Considering the current virus-based economy, the “vaccine economy”, and now the digital RMB and the “BGY” threatening all the world leaders, do you think the CCP will succeed? I absolutely do not believe it! And more importantly, the origin of the virus will definitely be found out soon. People will ask the CCP for the antidote. Will you [the CCP] give them the antidote? If you don’t give the antidote, what will be the consequence? If you do give the antidote, what will be the consequence? Once the CCP is gone, will the “absolutely centralized” currency still exist? Once the Communist Party is gone, will the assets of CCP members still be safe? It is no exaggeration to say that only the New Federal State of China can represent the interests of the Chinese people, including those good and redeemable members of the Communist Party! Only the New Federal State of China can do this. No one else, right? Brothers and sisters, do you believe it?

Do you think the current rivalry between the parties in the US will stop? Do you think the rivalry between the parties can avoid the topic of the CCP? Will they avoid talking about the virus? Will they only talk but not try to find the truth about the virus? Will they talk about the virus but not consult with our scientist, Dr. Yan? Is it possible for them not to watch the Jan. 19 episode of the Lude Show? Who can bypass the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China? 

CCP, do you think you can cover up the truth about the Hong Kong crisis, the Myanmar coup, and the truth about the virus? As long as you fail to cover up the truth, fail to silence the 7.5 billion people, you, the CCP, will definitely be eliminated! The absolute centralization of digital RMB for controlling the world is essentially decommunization. In fact, it forces all the Chinese elites to flee to foreign countries. All the elites and the money will flow to the New Federal State of China. If you don’t believe me, you can wait and see.

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