CCP, the Cancer of Humanity, You Are Done!

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Author: 葛大饼
  • Translator: Ranting

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The CCP is a terminal cancerous homicidal maniac accompanied by sociopathic schizophrenia.

This sentence is a bit roundabout, but I also want to say out loud 300 times!

On my way home yesterday, I ran into a neighbor I hadn’t seen in a long time.

She told me that her brother’s family and her mother had unfortunately been infected with the CCP virus.

She asked me how the vaccines in China were doing, because she had read the news that China was doing a great job with vaccination measures.

I told her, my family and friends in China don’t want to vaccinate, don’t believe the official news.

She was surprised and asked me why.

As we all know, there have been many cases of fake and expired vaccines in China, and many children have been sickened, paralyzed and even died as a result of these vaccines.

Families who have the means to do so choose imported vaccines for their children, or even go to Hong Kong specifically for vaccinations.

The CCP has never developed a successful vaccine of its own, not even for animals.

So a vaccine manufacturing country that can cripple and kill its own children, do you dare to take the coronavirus vaccine that they (the Chinese Communist Party) are now making?

You are not happy that your child has been destroyed and you want to suffer together with your child, right?

Putting aside vaccines, let’s talk about milk powder, the melamine incident that year we were all shocked, right, leading to a national active overseas group purchase of milk powder, leading to overseas supermarkets began to limit the purchase of milk powder, leading to the disgust of the local people, everybody have eaten gutter oil, hormones are in a variety of fruits, vegetables and small animals, the people are self-deprecating that Chinese people are invulnerable to poison, have eaten all the chemical elements in the periodic table.

We are overseas, whether you want to do it or not, more or less will be asked by friends and relatives at home to buy all kinds of things back home, from the scope of overseas shopping, starting from a small toothpaste in life to luxury goods.

The confidence of the Chinese people in Made in China has hit rock bottom.

So, who gave you the courage and confidence to try a vaccine made in CCP this time?

It’s a good thing cars can’t be purchased on behalf of others, otherwise people would want to have their cars shipped directly back to their home countries in overseas car stores ……

Domestic car quality is not good. Imported cars have to pay all kinds of taxes, the price is also expensive.

Many years ago in China, once my family and I went out, I sat in the back, when passing through an intersection, suddenly found a car from my right side, seems like immediately to collide!

I was still thinking, “Oh, I’m going to die!” Immediately there was a loud bang in my ear; I stayed for a while and found nothing, I was very confused to get out of the car to check, and found that the other party’s front end has been deformed (domestic cars), our car (imported cars) was good.

Two days ago I carefully read the report about the Xinjiang concentration camps, and read about what happened to the Uyghur women in the camps, but can any person not be heartbroken and angry! Unfortunately, pigs do not recognize words, if pigs can recognize words, can be cursed, the CCP you are the devil! What the CCP calls a re-education camp is actually a haven for perverted criminals.

There it turns people into evil spirits in one fell swoop, and once you surrender your soul, there is no turning back. Those who do evil can only get more evil, and those who are persecuted can only be silenced. Because even if you averted a look, a slightly clenched fist can make you lose your life.

It’s so heartbreaking to see all the trials and tribulations women suffer in there. I’m a woman too, and it hurts to see every word in the story.

I remembered that many years ago at the airport, a mother behind me in line suddenly greeted me in standard Mandarin, and I was very surprised how she could speak Chinese so well because she didn’t look Chinese at all. Fair skin, gentle smile, beautiful.

She told me she was from Xinjiang, married to a foreign country, and was bringing her children home to visit her family. We also had a nice conversation and I teased her cute little baby. I always think of her when I read these reports of what happened in the Xinjiang concentration camps.

It turns out that when I was in China, I actually had little contact with my fellow ethnic minorities, and most of us had the impression that the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda that the 56 ethnic groups were one family and that ethnic minorities enjoyed many special policies, I didn’t know that the original special policies referred to rape and murder and abuse in concentration camps… genocide!

Mr. Guo’s recent live broadcast talked about Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces reverence for foreigners and even boneheaded arrogance, indeed. A famous Shanghai comedian once said how a garlic eater (Northeast) could be with a coffee drinker (Shanghai). Even the daughters of high-ranking CCP officials are proud to find an old foreigner to marry.

However, the Chinese Communist Party, which wants so much to get out of the way, has a plan to destroy the white. The Chinese Communist Party is exterminating its own people (Cultural Revolution, famine, family planning), exterminating Muslims, colonizing and killing in Africa, and the CCP virus is killing all over the world right now!

What does the Chinese Communist Party want to become? From its behavior, he dislikes all colors, all races, all religious beliefs, it does not want to be a human being, it only wants to be a murderous demon!

The CCP virus continues to rampage across the globe, and everyone’s life is in danger. Can you guarantee that you and your family will be fine tomorrow?

The Chinese Communist Party is a habitual killer, you say you don’t know, I understand that you read less and didn’t learn history well, then look at what happened to the people who demonstrated peacefully in Hong Kong, how many children were raped and killed?

You say no, I understand that you are brainwashed and your brain is not so good. Then look at the tragic situation in Wuhan a year ago when the CCP virus broke out, bodies were dumped on the streets, people were locked in their homes and starved to death.

What you say is not true, I understand that the CCP’s information blockade has blinded your eyes. Then you feel your wallet in your own pocket, go around the food market, do you feel like you can not afford to eat food? Do you feel tired of working and the money you earn is always not enough to spend? Children’s school, food, housing and transportation all make you careful to spend money?

Can you use the law to protect yourself when you and your family are being wronged? Did you know that the ordinary people of the CCP have annual leave? Swipe your face everywhere, swipe your ID card, don’t you think you’re being monitored everywhere? Ask yourself, are you happy?

You eat unsafe and even cannot afford to eat, cannot afford to live, even cannot afford a load-bearing wall, but you shout the Chinese dream every day, dream what? Dream of being swarmed to death by the Global Alliance?! Why should we f**k you? Because you created a virus! You released a virus with malicious intent! And created a poison vaccine!

The Chinese Communist Party that kill for money! You are done!!!

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