Taiwan’s Warplanes Once Again Emergency Lift Off As CCP Conducts Military Drills in the South China Sea

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The Voice of America reported on Feb. 21 that CCP warplanes continue military drills near Taiwan-controlled islands in the South China Sea, and Taiwanese warplanes raise the air for a second consecutive day to warn them.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said eight fighter jets, two nuclear-capable Boom-6 bombers and an anti-submarine patrol aircraft of the CCP Air Force conducted drills Saturday (Feb. 20) in airspace near the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands in the South China Sea.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said the Taiwan Air Force sent fighter jets into emergency air for the second day in a row in response, warning Chinese warplanes to leave and deploying missile systems to monitor the movements of Chinese military aircraft.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said CCP naval forces also participated in Saturday’s exercise, but did not provide details.

This is the second day in a row that CCP forces have conducted military exercises near Pratas Island. Nine military planes of the CCP Air Force entered the area on Friday to begin exercises, and Taiwan Air Force warplanes took off in an emergency to warn them.

The Chinese Communist Party has not commented on the exercises that have taken place on the ground over the past two days. A U.S. Defense Department spokeswoman on Saturday reiterated her call for Beijing to “stop exerting military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan” and “engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan’s elected representatives.”

CCP aircraft fly into the southwest corner of Taiwan’s air defense zone almost daily. The Chinese Communist Party sent 12 fighter jets into the area on January 24 to carry out a massive campaign.

Source: VOA

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