Katyusha News Reference – Sunday, February 14, 2021

I. The New Federal State of China News

1. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson joined the U.S. side on Sunday in demanding that the Chinese Communist Party hand over vital data from the early days of the virus pandemic. In an interview, Boris Johnson said he “fully supports” the Biden administration voices “deep concern” about possible interference by the Chinese government over the World Health Organization’s probe into virus origin. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said he shares U.S. concerns over WHO COVID-19 mission to China

2. On February 14, the WHO claims that an investigation into the origins of the CCP virus in Wuhan has identified potentially 13 different strains of the virus in December 2019, suggesting that the epidemic has been underway for some time. The WHO gradually reveals the different stances from that holds in the local investigation in Wuhan after the investigation team returns to Geneva.

3. On February 15, the Associated Press releases the results of a nine-month investigation with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Research Laboratory into misinformation about the origin of the CCP virus, which shows that the CCP is using various social media to create false information that the CCP virus originated in the United States.

4. Following the Communist Party’s threat of sanctions against countries that have boycotted the 2022 Winter Olympics in opposition to the Uighur genocide, British Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey recently wrote to Communist Party officials in the United Kingdom, accusing the Communist Party of “international bullying. In his letter, David reiterated that the evidence of genocide against the Uighur people is “now overwhelming.

5. The evidence of CCP vaccine diplomacy against Africa is very clear. Zimbabwe recently began blaming the Chinese Communist Party directly for the virus epidemic, and the latter promptly donated Zimbabwe with 200,000 doses of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines until Zimbabwean officials expressed their gratitude.

6. The Japanese government revealed Saturday that the Ground Self-Defense Force will be equipped with three medium and small transport vessels in 2024 for its units stationed on remote southwestern islands, as part of efforts to deal with China’s military buildup.

7. Recently there has been news of successive cancellations of flights to the US by China Southern Airlines, Air China, Xiamen Airlines and China Eastern Airlines during February and March. The reasons for the cancellations are unclear and a suspension is tentatively ruled out.

II. World News

1. On February 12, National Pulse revealed that Sequoia Capital, which has a close relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, has funded the Lincoln Project, which blocks Mr. Trump’s victory in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. The project was established in late 2019 by several prominent Republicans and former Republicans. The committee announced its endorsement of Biden in April 2020 after he became the Democratic nominee.

2. The recent spate of attacks against Asians in the United States has generated widespread concern. Human rights groups are currently unaware of the causes of the latest spike in violence against Asian Americans. But since the beginning of the CCP pandemic, Asian rights advocates have seen a pattern of targeted hatred. The Whistleblower Movement has been pushing for a distinction between “the Chinese Communist party does not equate to the Chinese” and the widespread hatred of Asians.

3. On February 14, President Biden is calling on Congress to institute and strengthen the ban on assault weapons in the United States. This is his renewed voice in support of the gun ban.

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