Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on Feb 11th, 2021, Part I

Translators: Chinadoll6420  (Himalaya Sydney, G-Translators)
                     Rosemary (G-Translators)
Proofreaders: Linda & Cutecutepunk & Voice of Heart (G-Translators)
Chinese Dictation:  Bēi jiǔ jiàn nóng(Himalaya London)
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                                   Mr Guo’s Snow(Himalaya Korea) 
                                 369 Wenju & Dolores (MOS Himalaya)
Chinese Proofreaders: GForever (Wen Zi) & 369 Wen Ju (MOS Himalaya)
Publisher: Cute panda (Himalaya Formosa Taiwan)

1.  00:27:30  This is Wengui’s special live-broadcast on the Spring Festival Gala of 2021, which is also the first Chinese New Year for the New Federation State of China (NFSC). We have been through an unusual year, witnessing the birth of a people-centered government: The NFSC.  The NFSC gives the Chinese a new vision. For the first time, the Chinese held the NFSC flags walked freely on the streets worldwide to pursue the rule of law, democracy, and freedom. At the same time, NFSC has won the trust and corporation of governments worldwide, which have responded and echoed our vision.

2.  00:32:30  Since 2020, we have pioneered the new era and the movement of destroying the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) by utilizing the force of America, global coordination, grass-roots, rule of law, and divisions inside the CCP. We have carved out a new space of living for our supporters. We have exposed the truth of the CCP virus together with peace seekers, reducing the fatality and infection rate of the US and countries around the world. We are first in proposing hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatment against coronavirus, saving many lives. The NFSC and Whistleblower Movement (WM) together have established credibility and authority in the world.

3.  00:36:30   Over the past year, together with our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong, we have declared to the world the “Repatriation Act” and CCP’s devastation in Hong Kong, in addition to helping the people there. GTV and Gnews are the only duos exposing the corrupt dealings of US politicians and enterprises with the CCP.  We are the voice of truth and justice. Many among us risk our lives exposing CCP’s evil BGY  (Blue means spying with high-tech, Gold the bribery with money and Y the sexual bribes) and 3F (formant weakness, formant instability, and format the death of a country) strategies against the US. 

Finally, the former Secretary of State Pompeo and the Trump Administration declared CCP a genocidal, anti-humanity organization. It is irreversible and hastens CCP to its grave. We also forewarned Taiwan of CCP’s “Duo-Dragon” plan to destroy it.

We’ve also created the G-Series and a financial system.  Taking down the CCP will give you a future, happiness and awake you from lies of false wealth. We rid CCP of its monopoly over our rights of quality life, privacy, productivity, and access to a fair wealth. We inform the world that CCP is not China, and it can’t represent the Chinese people.

4.  00:44:00  With the help of God, the WM and the NFSC have unmasked and revealed the truth of and about the CCP. The global efforts to destroy CCP are beyond the point of return.

2021 is pivotal to the CCP destruction. No matter how the Biden administration hooks up with CCP’s Xi Jinping, nothing can change the fact that the virus poses a significant threat to humanity. CCP virus and the economy will make CCP destroyed in 2021. 

5. 5.  00:48:00  Live online with brother “Simplified Chinese”: The current Chinese economy is in crisis, as if on thin ice. The real estate market is fragile, vulnerable to collapse at any time. The benefit of the pandemic economy is short-lived. The reality will march CCP to its grave. He recommended G-News to open a particular column on the CCP virus.

6.  00:59:00  Live online with “Seven-Star”: Let’s discuss the ‘nuclear bag,’ who has the control? Will Biden’s election change America’s military strategy?

Mr. Guo: As for military matters, the US, Europe, NATO, including Japan and India, they have no other options. When the battle against pandemic reaches a certain point, the two choices left are either be a CCP’s slave or a global war to destroy it.

 I can tell you without hesitation CCP will be destroyed by the flames of war!

 7.  01:06:00  Live online with Mr. Bannon, Mr. Guo: We are live streaming the New Year together in the Year of the ‘Tsingzi’-Ugly Sin 2021.  The world isn’t the same due to the CCP virus.  You are in DC, and I am here.

The world has gone through enormous changes for the past year. Ex-President Trump left the White House because of the CCP. President Biden called Xi Jinping under the CCP’s pressure, aiming to sell out America’s future. Only you are still at War Room fighting for God, freedom, and NFSC.  You have our respect and admiration.

Please tell us why President Trump lost the White House even though he had you as his advisor?  This year we will disclose the truth of the CCP virus and use G-series to take down the CCP.  We will build a robust financial platform to battle the CCP.

Mr. Bannon: This is the third year I’ve been live streaming with you. Happy Chinese New Year!

Four minutes after Biden was sworn in, the CCP issued a sanctions order against the 28 people who opposed it. You were the first person to make me realize that CCP is so evil. If we had listened to you earlier, the world wouldn’t be where it is today.

As a leader of the deplorable, I have deep feelings for the Chinese people. Only when they have freedom initially, can the world have freedom indeed. The people must win, or the world would be destroyed. Biden just won this election in the legal procedure , and now all we have to do is keep him from hooking up with the CCP and pushing him against the Communist Party. President Trump will have a strong return in 2024.

8.  01:45:00  I am thrilled to be online with Dr. Yan for the first time, especially for which I am wearing the modern Chinese battle robe designed by G-Fashion. I have thought about it for a long time, but all my feelings are summed up into two points: concerns for your safety and thanks to your contribution, which I cannot describe how grateful I am in any words. After 4 am this morning, one of the most important future leaders of Europe said he wanted to record a video to thank Dr. Yan. He said, “It is not men that are gutless now.

The real threat that communism has brought to us is that the discernment of justice seems unclear to women, especially mothers and those who will be mothers, for they weigh benefits more heavily.” You deserve all praises for alerting everyone, for your informative warning to humanity. Your two reports must be respected by every scientist, intellectual, and politician. Many politicians said, ” Dr. Yan is talking about knowledge, science, and profession.” Politicians, including the WHO officials, are talking about politics, which is not the trustable professional judgment, which people buy, of the medicine. Therefore, you and Lude’s program have caused CCP’s trepidation. Your readiness for meeting anyone’s challenge and your expertise have shocked the world again. This is why the truth always prevails. Now please tell me: Do you believe in the power of all Gods and Buddha?

9. 01:51:20 Dr. Yan: It is a war. Human nature is nearly unchangeable, rivalries are brutal, and the evil values are unconcealable, whereby the spies, traitors, betrayals, harms, and sacrifices are inevitable. Only the same goal and belief can make us keep ongoing and actuate our philosophy of being truthful, kind, and decisive. The CCP is very good at using the nine-layer-demon-tower, which bewilders people by confounding right with wrong. Our deeds of exposing the essentials and acquainting more people are the process of the Great Awakening. As for God’s will, I grew up with a very “red” educational background, but I found that the reality is always different from and contradicted what I’ve learned. Many will hopelessly drown in the red bullshit, while others tend to be undeceivable. Our awakeness is an act of providence. I cannot explain why I became a virology researcher and joined a WHO lab after my doctorate in ophthalmology. Whether it is a divine providence or not, please use your judgment. I believe so because no one can predict what has happened all along.

10. 01:58:40 Mr. Guo: To uncover the truth and save humanity, Dr. Yan joined the Whistleblower Movement and broke with her husband, who played a fat part in the CCP virus event. Now it seems that your former boss is the pivotal figure of the whole thing. It looks like all of these things somehow are destined. The CCP could never think of a Dr. Yan. As you see, Miles Kwok and Lude Media are also miracles, whereby I believe it’s the arrangement of all the Gods and Buddha. The unrestricted biological weapon in your reports, which now appears to have a low infection rate and a high mortality rate, as well as the emergence of new viruses, are within your prediction. To what extent do you think the virus will be able to reach in 2021?

11. 02:01:30 Dr. Yan: First of all, the virus cannot be eliminated. The governments around the world have taken no effective measures to control it. As long as the affected population is large enough and dense enough, the virus is always likely to mutate and could be harmful to animals in the future. Currently, I don’t think we abound with datum supportive enough to tell the ups and downs of the spreading rate and death rate. But regardless of the infection rate and mortality rate, the virus has been modified in the lab and is no longer a natural virus. Therefore, tracing to its source is crucial. The virus itself consists of many secret codes hidden in the genome, embodied through functionality.

I couldn’t unknot the remaining secrets through the genome in my report then, but I’m on it now. So, the CCP is panicked that I may pick up my gauntlet and unscramble the remaining issue. As long as the virus exists, it will cause potential harm and secondary damage to our human body and cause worse harm to society. We need to give the world a clear understanding as soon as possible that the virus was fabricated in the lab and let the world ask the CCP for truth and antidote. Furthermore, we can get things back to the right origin only if the CCP is under control and unleash no more viruses.  

12. Mr. Guo: You are not only one of the persons who complete the New Federal State of China but also will take the led in the future development of commercial medical research. Will you go back to China? Do you miss the Chinese lifestyle? 

Dr. Yan: I miss China, I miss Hong Kong, and I miss Qingdao. I miss it, but I know I can’t go back, and neither can our fellows. But if the CCP is wiped out, I’m sure I’ll be back because that’s my hometown. As for your question, ” Will you still marry your husband?”  He’s the one who led me into the virology field, and I’ll still choose him back in time because he understands me, no matter what he has done. From the moment I start whistleblowing, I knew what I was facing, and my family has no clue about it. My eight-year marriage is full of happiness, and it means a lot to me. But it’s ironic and interesting to look back to many words I’ve said before. The CCP is a scourge to many people. If only we change the CCP system, we can help ourselves and help more people.

Mr. Guo: The spousal relationship is the settlement of the old tie and the formation of the new one. Also, it is a mutual-saving relationship. It is your life choice and destined. Don’t worry about your family and your husband. Be immune to the CCP behaviors. It is right to take down the CCP. You will return to your hometown safe and happy, and you have my words.

13. 02:28:00 Mr. Lude, congratulations on your successful weight-loss! The Lude program has become a gold medal program that has saved and awakened numerous people. Lude spirit has become one of the most significant spiritual standards of the New Federal State of China, and the 119 live- broadcast had fundamentally changed President Trump’s decision. You are also the first one who alerted the whole world and warned humanity. Moreover, you introduced a legion of professional doctors with solid expertise, scientific literacy, unity, and knowledge, which have regenerated your show to a unique platform for the Whistleblower Movement, which stands for the profession, spirit, faith, science, responsibility, and truth. The Lude program is the most important pillar for the New Federal State of China. To take down the CCP by the movement of seeking the real source of the virus has begun in 2021.  Lude will switch from announcing bombshells to showing the red tie multiple times. It will start a new era taking down the CCP and save more people.

Lude: The Whistleblower Movement is that Miles Kwok steps up to waken up all Chinese. What I admire most is his willpower. What the Chinese missed the most is chivalry.  For thousands of years, the Chinese were used to flattering. But Miles Kwok would rather lose tens of billions of dollars and risk his life to take down the CCP. It is chivalry, the most valuable thing.  No matter Joe Biden became the president of the U.S. or Sara betrayed, he will win as long as he continues with it.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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