[Facebook’s Blackmail] Australians Are Restricted From Reading News Through Facebook

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Starting from Thursday, Australians cannot visit the webpages of local and international media through the social media Facebook; people outside Australia cannot read any Australian news publications on Facebook.

Facebook’s approach is to respond to the Australian government’s bill involving tech giants; according to the bill, tech companies must pay for news content on their platforms. Facebook pointed out that Facebook is just a platform for news publishers to share news content, and the relevant Australian laws misunderstand the relationship between Facebook and news publishers. The real news costs money to report, and some real news were even banned by these two big techs. For example, the information of three hard discs of Hunter Biden were used to forbidden to share on Facebook. Even so, many accounts were suspended. In the United States, more than a quarter of the country’s newspapers have been driven out of business.

Image: The Guardian

The fact is, this disturbing situation is the Facebook and Google, these two internet monoliths use their market control to scoop up the lion’s share of online advertising revenues (in Canada, Google and Facebook hover up 80% of internet ad revenues).

Australian Prime Minister Morrison described Facebook’s move to delete Australian friends, which made people feel arrogant and disappointed. He also said that he would not be intimidated by Facebook’s actions. Earlier, an Australian official said that the government had no prior knowledge of Facebook’s behavior and believed that this would damage Facebook’s reputation in Australia. 

Apparently, Facebook is happy to spread fake news and peddle quack CCP virus remedies while also denying Australians access to real news. The Toronto Star reported these latest events in Australia showed that the Canadian need to speed up to take effective measures to rein in Google or Facebook’s abuses of power to stand up for local news. And it is suggested that all the democratic countries should stand together to fight for these power grabs. Because Google and Facebook have been counting on a strategy of divide and conquer. They use their global scale and reach to intimidate national governments. So it’s time for the democracies to stand together to fight back. 

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