Highlights of Mr. Guo’s Live Broadcast with Himalaya Boston Mayflower on February 12, 2021

Translated by: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) –
Antsee-GTV & Bruce & Yanbohaomiao
Proofread by: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte

Fellow fighters at Himalaya Boston Mayflower! Happy Chinese New Year of the Ox and I wish you the heartiest blessing. You know, my next (to be released) song is an English song with Don Ping and King William, which (of course) is about taking down the CCP. Also, I’m releasing another song with a Hollywood songwriting team depicting the “brotherhood and sisterhood”(among our fellow fighters), and the third one will be a rock and roll song with Qiangzi, who has just been rescued from “the wall (mainland China)”, again a song about how to take down the CCP. Since I’ve been busy with the (development of)the G-series, all the songwriting processes have been delayed. Surely we will get back to work on them after the Chinese New Year’s holiday.

Mayflower,the name,means a lot. Actually it represents the beginning of spring and portends hope and life, not just the Mayflower ship. It also contains the best aspects of the history of human civilization, so please don’t narrowly interpret it. Like our Whistleblower Movement, it’s definitely more than exposing the little videos in the “3 hard drives”, far beyond that.

Never before have we seen such a country(controlled by the CCP)of 1.4 billion people,running a so-called “market economy (manipulated economy)”,with security exchanges and too many experts, but their people are still suffering property devaluations at an unbelievable 177% rate. The CCP must deserve the title of“champion of mankind”.  In addition, the “marketization or circulation” of a company is actually one of the models of expansion of business growth or business success influenced by the CCP’s economy and the Chinese understanding of the market economy. When it comes to the world’s largest or most profitable companies – such as Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway – he never has his best assets listed on an exchange, but rather “circulates” them in a controlled manner. Another example is Bill Gates who, though his Microsoft company, makes a lot of money. The land holdings, and other quality assets he controls, are not listed. You may consider that Bitcoin is (free) to circulate and is decentralized, (but this would be an illusions). The real owners (behind the scenes) manipulate its (price) up and down. Inherently, it is “non-circulating” – not to mention its “marketization”. Several of the big pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, etc., most “core value” (assets) are not listed and barely circulate. Rare earth mineral resources, controlled by “Zhongnanhai(Beijing)”, are not listed or allowed to circulate. I don’t know how you understand “circulation”, “market”, and “listed(company)”.  Personally, I determine if a company makes money, and then I determine who owns the money. That is the key point. The G-Series (GTV) didn’t have to set up 1,300 “chairs” when it started,and,  in addition, there was not much money raised in that first round of private financing. Authoritative institutions like Yale and Harvard currently assess its (GTV’s) market value at about $2.6 billion. If we aim to go public and “circulate” the shares widely, we will have two options: one is to go public and “circulate” directly, and the second is that I make the acquisition first, cooperate (with partners), and then quickly go public in a variety of ways.

The fundamental principles of the market-based operation of the G-Series are: who shares the core benefits; whether or not it is listed, when there is a profit you can realize it, never dilute (shareholders’) wealth through an S.P.O. (Secondary Public Offering; and lastly, offer liquidity and convertibility prior to the IPO on a discounted basis. The most important thing is that the shareholder has a pledge prior to the initial public offering, which is different from using the asset as collateral. The pledge can be used for refinancing (with another investor), or to invest in other financial assets.

Why is the G-series so awesome? Because G-dollar & G-coin are stable, someday in the future, very soon, when it starts trading, it will be a public company. When you can buy it, in no more than two weeks it will be listed, 24 hours of global non-stop trading, and nobody is able to take your money away. If the price goes up, you can sell it in a minute to get back your capital – it is entirely up to you. You can also spend(G-coin)directly on G-series (platforms). What if there are other (platforms) that do not accept (G-coin)? You are able to exchange into various currencies. There is no such system in the world now,where everything can be valued in G-coin and listed “in full circulation”. Of course you can choose to store your money in G-dollar,safely.

 In case the G-coin you purchase at the price of $0.1 should depreciate in value (below $0.1) then the company will use a certain percentage of the initial capital to buy physical gold, not (gold) futures, and store it where it can be supervised. Or, it will be sold and the money distributed to G-coin investors – which no other company in the world would do. It is not only the “liquidity, the discount model, and listed (trading)” that makes our G-series so special, but also a system of complete stability, security and a limited investment guarantee. I can’t say too much about it because of the legal regulations. I can only say that G- series will be in different countries, respectively supervised by the laws of each country. Our G-Series and the future Getter (platform), distributed in tax jurisdictions with different laws and regulations, that’s what makes the G-Series so awesome. The CCP can take a person’s life with one bullet, but it’s impossible for them to attack the whole world. In less than 2 months, we will begin the new era of “market-based, internationalized, and liquid trading”, the new era of our G-series.

If G-coin and G-dollar are to be safe, they must have nothing to do with myself and my family. Before the listing of G-coin, I shouldn’t be involved at all. After the real investors finished their meeting, they were not guarding against the CCP, but against me. They are inseparable from our whistleblower movement and also, they are afraid of our whistleblower movement. This is the contradiction of the capitalists. What your brother 7 has done for our fellow fighters will come to light in the future.

How did I developed into what I am today?No matter in which field – economics, real estate, fashion, or daily life – I always made the win-or-lose choices. Those who hate us, first of all, you should know that we are called “GTV”. When a person sleeps, no matter where he is lying down, there is an edge. Obama once said,No matter how well you did, half the people in America will disagree with you. If so, use the best 50%. The sad thing is that the left media already controls 85-90% of the voices, but we only need (to get) 5-10%, even 3-5% is enough. If you want the whole world to adore you and approve of you, you will surely become unprincipled, impersonal and finally fail. We choose to make the clearest choice in the face of truth, falsehood, good and evil. Remember – never care what others think of you, just be sure of what you want.

Biden and Xi’s “double rules (when to call & what to talk about)” phone call has made the entire Western world wrathful. Even the left media is gradually changing its position. The essence is the same in terms of security, dignity, and the need for true-or-false and good-or-evil. As a person, no one will accept falsehood and evil, eventually the vast majority will stand with us. But until that happens, there will be no need to fear the majority against us, and that is what we will insist on. GTV, G-news will be the first place and only choice of media (platform) for Chinese people to know the world. We have the support of 1.4 billion (Chinese people) and also it’s not difficult to get 5 to 500 million followers in the West. It would be a market coup, but it takes time and requires us to be anchored, not just having faith.

It is said that the battle between the Son of Light and the Son of Darkness in the Vatican has been lasting for thousands of years. When it comes to the Vatican, I think there are three factions: the theistic faction,the realism faction,and the hearsay faction. In fact, the Vatican never had such a tradition about sons of light or darkness. I,your 7 brother,never thought that those who did not really understand religion could make it clear. There is only one power in the Vatican – the power of money! Because with money firmly in hand, you are able to influence politics, (and manipulate)the will of people,and control finance. (The Vatican) has only one son:the son of money, (never a second)!For the first time in thousands of years,I am the only one in the world who dares to say that the Vatican took 2 billion dollars from the CCP and they do not dare deny it. What kind of people in the Vatican have I never contacted?The biggest figure was the one who was in charge of money, then the so-called Minister of Justice,the Minister of Personnel. There is nothing to do with fairness, freedom,and faith,only money! As long as you remain greedy and selfish you will become the devil! I talked to the archbishops and the sub-bishops, in the end ,it was all about money, about my donation, (profit) sharing, and how to be safe. Religious beliefs have no chance of winning against science and money;(the winner)is only the son of money. Why is there child abuse? Because some have been perverted. 

Boston,the major educational city(in the U.S.), has been hit very hard by the CCP’s BGY Plot, becoming a disaster area now. We should expose their strategy of educational corruption, intellectual corruption, and high-end corruption. We need to train high-level intellectuals for our Whistleblower Movement. Take over Boston (from the intellectual world), and take the high ground in the field of education, putting an end to the slander of our Dr. Yan. We can contact all the institutions and offer to pay legally whatever the CCP paid them (corruptly). We can also offer to send our fellow fighters’ kids to the institutions. A person who is too calculating in terms of money will never be respected.

Fully support the Boston team establishing a column on G-news about major Whistleblower Movement events, so that it can be easily accessed by future generations. Chinese women are the bravest and most difficult to manage, like in the military, where female soldiers are easy to teach but hard to manage, while male soldiers are easy to manage but hard to teach. What Chinese women have but other women do not are: patience and endurance. In the thousands of years of Chinese history, how many times were the Han people almost exterminated? It was because of the bravery, endurance, tolerance and inclusiveness of women that the Han people survived to this day. Himalaya Mayflower Boston, your gratitude should go to Wenxi and Ivanka for handing in all the information and without any hesitation, which is completely different from the “Nine-fingered Demon (Sara VOG)”.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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